Rotville by Bryce Bentley Summers

Rotville by Bryce Bentley Summers

I am always looking forward to a great book. One of my bad habits is judging a book by the cover and as a designer that is what would get me to pick my next book. When I saw this book called Rotville I didn’t think I would like it by from the synopsis I took a chance. At the end of the book I felt like sometimes we can judge a book harshly at times. For my opinion of the actual story was mostly positive. The book Rotville is written by Bryce Bently Summers.

Rotville takes place in the year 2030 after a city called Rotville is a infected with a vicious deadly plague that spreads and forces the city to be in quarantine. In the city there a penitentiary facility directed by Titus who oversees experiments conducted at a Coloseo prison. The experiments involve taking the worst criminal and changing them into obedient super soldiers with the help of special programs. Titus has his eye a specific inmate named Dylan who is defiant and wants to make him the main super soldier. To do this they need the best specialist to embed the program in his head. At the same times things go wrong when the inmates that been held turn in to disease mutants and start escaping the facility. Due to this chaos the technician in charge of putting the program in Dylan’s head doesn’t but makes him the strongest person and asks him to save her son who is in trouble.

Rotville by Bryce Bentley Summers is filled with action and is a total zombie/mutant book. But has a element of droids which are like Cyborgs. I found the book very entertaining and wish I didn’t judge the cover. I also couldn’t put the book down because all I wanted to do was find out what happens next. I would describe this book similar to Resident Evil meets Terminator. My only criticism with the book that I found distracted was where certain parts of the book where the main character was dreaming and I felt like was doing too much. This is book is different and kick ass and anyone who is into mutants/zombies and crazy scientists this is for you. For those interested in checking out the book click on the link below. Until than keep on reading.



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