Honor Among Thieves by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre

Take a trip to the galaxy in this science fiction adventure alongside a spaceship that is an alien at the same time. Discover the mysteries and secrets behind the book Honor Among Thieves. Honor Among Thieves is co-written by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre.

  • Title: Honor Among Thieves
  • Author: Rachel Caine
  • Year Published: 2018
  • Page Count:480
  • Author Site: Here
  • Goodreads: Here
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In the Honor Among Thieves, we meet a girl named Zara who is estranged from her family and lives in the streets of New Detroit. Instead of moving to Mars with her sister and mother she choose a life as thief. In the the story, Zara ends up stealing a purse from a girl who ends up being the daughter of a dangerous crime boss. This leaves Zara fearing for life and must find a way to hide. In order to do this Zara purposely ends up in rehab where she previously stayed at and decides to hide as a patient. Thinking it was a great plan as a way to hide gets ruined when she mysteriously gets recruited to join the elite group of people known as Honors.

Honors are a group of people who are chosen to go on a trip to space and ride ship. This spaceship actually turns out to be an alien race known as the Leviathan. The Leviathan is responsible for saving the Earth from its own destruction and in return Honors are chosen to travel the galaxy in with them for a year.

Zara gets thrown into this world and must train as an Honor. Once aboard the alien spaceship, she meets a girl named Bea and the Leviathan named Nadim and learns about what it takes to survive in space. Through the story, Zara also uncovers mysterious secrets about the alien race and discovers that there are more dangerous things than trying to hide from a crime lord.


This book floated on my radar because I am a big fan of Rachel Caine’s written. And in fact, that I have reviewed some of her books from The Great Library series and The Morganville books. This book caught my eye because it was different from her other stuff the fact its science fiction and it was co-written by Ann Aguirre.

As for the actual book I thought the concept and idea of an alien who is also spaceship were unique. I also thought it was different from the average blue alien type of story that I am more familiar with. I also like the fact that the aliens have a name and it’s own personality. Most stories where there is an alien they can be cold creatures that just hate Earth. In this book, the main Leviathan whose name is Nadim has a warm friendly personality that also makes you forget that he is an alien ship.

As for the main character Zara, I thought she was a badass. She comes from a not to great upbringing and brings her street smarts to space. Despite living in the streets, she also is smart and actually is able to adapt to the setting she is in. I also like the fact that was willing to connect with the Nadim which helped the story. I like seeing the bond grow within the story.

As for her connection with the other main character Bea. I like the fact that the book has two strong female characters that can handle themselves on a ship. When things get ugly they pretty are a strong team that just kick ass. Especially Bea who actually I can see how she started out as a scared panicky girl that refuses to leave room to a girl who ends up being a smart ass that knew who to code and command a computer station.

That said there was something that I would have to see in the story where it fell short on. I would have like to see more of the exchange of point of views in the story. I know it’s a book focused on the main character Zara but I would’ve like to see the point of view on the other main characters so I can learn more about them rather it being told to me. Especially Bea. As much as I saw how she developed through the story I would like to see how can grow out of the fear she had and changed from her perspective.

I also felt like as much as things were explained in the story towards the end, there were still things I am still wanting to know more about. I also felt like there were some parts of the story where it was slow and need to be shorter like the beginning. The story also didn’t really explain why the Zara was the chosen one for the job.

Overall I really liked the book and like the story idea. It was fresh and exciting. There was the mystery and the book did make it hard to put it down because I wanted to know more. I am hoping the next book in the series steps up with the action and I like to see more of the side characters developed more as well.


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Head On by John Scalzi Book Review

If you are looking for a book that has the combination of a crime mystery, a comedy with tons of laughs but is also has a mix of science fiction in the direction of the android type of world than well today we will be discussing John Scalzi’s newest book Head On. Head On is the sequel to Lock In. If you haven’t read Lock In I have a review on the first book here. In this sequel, we return with characters Agent Shane and Agent Vane to solve a mystery.

  • Title: Head On
  • Author: John Scalzi
  • Year Published: 2018
  • Page Count: 384
  • Author Site: Here
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Buy Book: Amazon


In the sequel to Lock In, this book focus on the mysterious murder of a famous athlete Duane Chapman. Who is a player of the game Head On? A game where players are mostly Hadens and the object of the game is to take the head of a player and taking it to the goal in order to score points. After the mysterious murder happens Agent Shane and Agent Vann is called in to solve it. As they investigate they must jump over hurdles that step into their paths keeping them from getting close to finding the true culprit.

I had a fun time reading Head On. I loved Lock In when it came out and it made me a fan of John Scalzi’s writing. But with Head On it reminded me why his books rock. First off, I like how I got to see more of the world of Hadens in this book but with the mix of sports. A fictional sport that is popular in the book and how it plays in everyone’s lives. I also liked the mystery plot and it had me at the edge of the seat. I wasn’t sure who would be the main villain but all I wanted to do is to find out. ON top of all that I got to enjoy the interaction between Agent Vann and Agent Shane. They are the perfect duo and the way they talk all the time is just funny. It was fun and I hope for another book soon. So are you someone who has read the book yet? Well, let me know in the comments. And if you are looking to check it out do click on the links below to learn more. Until next time keep on reading.


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May 2018 TBR

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Wow, nothing like the perfect day to eat some tacos and some margaritas. Who is with me. Add a really great book and a nice chair and I am happy. Today I am back with another TBR for the month of May. I will be talking about the books I plan on reading this month.

BOOK 1: Bone Witch by Rine Chupeco

I actually had this book in last month’s TBR and didn’t get to read it so I decided to shift it over to this month. When I first saw this book I thought the cover was haunting and there was something about it that I will enjoy.

BOOK 2: Everlife by Gena Showalter

This is another book I didn’t get to last month. This is the last book in the Everlife Trilogy and I can’t to dive in and see how things will end. If you haven’t gotten around to reading the last previous books do check it out here.

BOOK 3: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

I finally am getting around to this book. I heard so much about this book and was inspired by seeing Sabaa talk at a festival I went to last year. I also know that the series had a new book that came out and wanted to catch up.

BOOK 4: Big Little Lies

And finally, last on my list is Big Little Lies. I have been wanting to pick up this book after seeing the previous of the show on TV. I will admit I am nervous to read because it’s really overhyped and worried it might not be as good as it sounds. But, here goes nothing.

May 2018 Anticipated

The year has passed by really fast and now it’s finally May. I will be honest I been waiting for May all year. May has a ton of great books coming out and I am excited. So, in this post, I will be talking about my most anticipated books for 2018.

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

The final book in the Red Queen series is finally dropping. After King Cage, I was feeling the torture of waiting for the next book. The book broke me and had me running for tissues. And now that the book is coming this month I can’t wait to see how Mare, Cal, and everyone will defeat Marven.

A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

After getting to the A Court of Thorns and Roses books I became a fan of Sarah J. Maas and this series has become an obsession in my reading world. From the strong female characters and the great world of the fae. I was delighted to find out that there was going to be more books and this one was on my watch list. If you haven’t read the series check out my post of the first book here.

Legendary by Stephanie Garber

I recently read Caraval and was amazed by the beautiful carnival game world of Caraval. I really liked the magical elements that were in the first book and can’t wait to see what will happen in this book. If you haven’t read the first book click here.

Furyborn by Claire Legrand

This book is about two powerful women that are centuries apart. They both must find a way to protect their world from destruction. I was really excited to learn about this book and thought it looks really exciting.

Hinder by Kirstin Ping

This book is great anyone into magic. This book is about a boy named Ethan who is a Bender, who have the ability to control the abilities of witches but also protect them. The book is also about a girl named Alex who is a wielder and must go on a journey to find her Bender.

Map of Shadows: A Mapwalker Novel by J.F. Penn Book Review

I when I first so the book review request in my inbox, I knew that this book was super interesting. I also felt like the idea was fresh and just something I needed to get out of a reading slump. If you like books that take you on an adventure or someone who loves maps, this book review post will be for you. Today I will be talking about Map of Shadows: A Mapwalker Novel by J.F. Penn.

  • Title: Map of Shadows: A Map Walker Novel
  • Author: J.F. Penn
  • Year Published: 2017
  • Author Site: Here
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Buy Book: Amazon


The Map of Shadows starts off with a man who gets murdered by a mysterious man along with his pack of wolves one night. Then fast forward to the chapter one, we focus on the main character Sienna Farren. She is dealing the loss of her estranged grandfather and has to go to his map store to help close shop. Once there she get’s inherited the shop and a lot more than she thought. Sienna finds out her family is part of a secret agency called the Ministry of Maps. The Ministry of Maps is in charge of the protecting the borders of the world and the otherworld.

During the book, Sienna also gets tangled up in the mystery of her grandfather’s death and also the knowledge that her long-lost father may still be alive. Sienna soon joins of a group of mapwalkers in order to the solved mystery but also to help protect the borders from those that want to wreck havoc on the world.


This book sucked me in once I read the book but once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. It was fascinating and just addicting. Throughout the book, I was thrown into the world of maps and also got to explore a world where people can change the landscape of the world. But also people who can travel with just using a map. It was really cool. I also like how each of the characters has cool unique abilities but also exploring an alternate universe. I also enjoyed the main character Sienna and seeing her need to save her father but also the struggle she has with having way too much power. I can’t wait to see if there is a follow to the book and see where the story leads.


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Winter Glass by Lexa Hillyer Book Review

When I read Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer I couldn’t put it down. If you are like me who love fantasy, retellings and even sleeping beauty but looking for something new this book was it. So, I can’t help but be even more thrilled when I got the opportunity to read Winter Glass which is the second book the series. The book had more magic, mystery and a splash of strong female characters that help carry the story.
Missed Spindle Fire? Read the full review Here

  • Title: Winter Glass
  • Series/Trilogy/Duology: Spindle Fire
  • Author: Lexa Hillyer
  • Year Published: 2018
  • Page Count: 352
  • Author Site: Here
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Buy Book: Amazon


In Winter Glass, we continue on where we left off. The book begins after Aurora wakes from the sleeping curse and the kingdom is on the brink of war against the evil fairy Malfleur. In the book, we focus on he bothe sister where they must find a way to defeat the fairy and to save the kingdom. Aurora must return to her world and find a way to save the people from the Borderlands. The world that she was trapped in under the sleeping spell. In order to save the people she must team up with an unlikely friend.


As for Isabel must learn to face her feelings towards Prince William whom she loves. To make matters worse she must help him save the kingdom from the evil fae. In order to do that she must unit two kingdoms if they want to defeat the fae. On top of that Isabel find a mysterious glass slipper that holds secrets that could save the kingdoms and be the answer that will stop the queen.


TI really enjoyed this book and in fact it’s my favorite out the two books. The book has mix of magic, action and shows the bond between two sisters. Each sister also shines in their own quest and must make hard choice that detect the results of the story. I also like that the book has many strong female characters from the villain to the heroes. That said I would’ve liked to see more Prince William in the story and more of the secondary characters that happen to be in the story. But overall I really enjoyed it.


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Life Update

Hi, Readers!

I am back from the dead. I know I have been gone for a long while and haven’t been posting for the last few weeks. Lot’s have happened and many things have changed in my life that kept me away. Even I have been slacking off on my reading. In fact, I have only read like seven books this year. Which is very low for me. But I am back with strength and will be more focused on Where Stephanie Reads. So why have I been absent?

I got a job and Then Quit

I recently started working at a new grocery store in the month of Lidl and it was a crazy time for me. I learned a lot and met awesome people that I got work with. But sadly recently for personal reasons, I had to leave that job and now I am back to job hunting.

I Left Town

Two weeks ago I went on vacation during my days off. I got to go to Orlando, Fl with my sister. It was super fun and it was the trip I went on without the parents. Which was an interesting experience? I also got to visit Universal Studios and saw the new Harry Potter section which was treated. Plus it was a must go for me. I even got my sister to go on the Mummy ride. Other than that I also got to spend time with my awesome cousins and got to hang out. It was so much fun and I’m sad that I couldn’t stay longer and hang out some more.

If you haven’t been to Orlando yet, I totally recommend visiting because it’s really nice down there. I also really like the chill vibe and didn’t really want to go back to Virginia.

So that is pretty much what is going on with me. Now since I am back and just got back to job hunting, I now have more time to focus on Where Stephanie Reads and also focus on what I want in life and where I want to be.