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Token Huntress by Kia Carrington-Russell Book Review

In the near distant future where humanity is at its end. The world has been taken over by a war between Vampires and the Hunters. In Token Huntress, there is a combination of action, vampires, and romance that will keep the story movie as you read it.

  • Title: Token Huntress
  • Author: Kia Carrington-Russell
  • Year Published: 2015
  • Page Count: 222
  • Author Site: Here
  • Buy Book: Amazon


The Token Huntress takes in the future where humans are scare and the world is taken over but three races of vampires. The Council which is made up of civilized Vampires, vampires that do what they please, and Sabers. Sabers who are beyond saving. In order to protect humans, there are THe Hunters. A race that is part human part Vampire with strong abilities and evenly matches to vampires. They fight to protect humanity from them and vow to fight vampires.

In the book, the story focuses on Esmore who is known as the Token Huntress. Her duty is to lead her guild and to fight all vampire and protect humans and the world. But unlike her hunters, she is born without a gift and has dark eyes. Despite not having a gift. She is a force to reckon because she is the strongest fighter and can outwit vampires. Things take a turn, Esmore meets a mysterious vampire that wakes a darkness within her. Throughout the book, she must discover the reason behind this darkness if she wants to save her kind of vampires. But will the mysterious vampire be a step in the way?


This book is exciting. When I was reading it I couldn’t put it down. I read it like in two days and just want more from it because it was so good. There is action, a strong female characters, a hot romance and just lots of fighting scenes that held my attention. At first, when I learned that it was a vampire book I expected a typical urban fantasy vampire book but this was totally fresh. I think the end of humanity idea where humans are close to extinction, a world taken over by vampires and hunters at war with them gave it a fresh interesting take on this world. I also like the way the author built the world and history and lets you know why the world is this way and helped paint the picture. As for the main character Esmore, I think she is a strong bad ass. She can fight and doesn’t rely on special abilities except for her skills when it comes to a bow and sword. I actually can’t wait to see what comes next and see how the story continues.


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Firstlife by Gena Showlater Book Review

  • Title: Firstlife
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • Year Published: 2016
  • Page Count: 467 pages
  • Series Name: Firstlife
  • Buy Book: Amazon
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Rating: 5 Stars


The book takes place in the alternative universe where everyone has what is called a Firstlife. Firstlife is considered the life you start out when entering the world. Than during your life you have to choose where you will end up in the afterlife. In the afterlife there is two realms Myriad and Troika. The both realms are at war and anyone who is entering the aft life must choose a side. Those that haven’t made a chance end up in the darkness of Many Ends. A place you wouldn’t want to end up.

In the story a girl named Tenly also known as Ten refuses to choose a side that her parents want her be so in order to teach her a lesson they send her to an asylum. There she must try to survive and fight for her right to make a choice on where she should end up. At the same time two agents from both realms are sent to convince her to chooses their side. Ten turns out to be a challenge and goes on the lamb. Throughout the story she learns more about the realms and about her safe.

My Thoughts

The book turned out to be way better than I originally thought and got to be one of her best so far. After reading her other series “The White Rabbit Chronicles” I wanted to read more from her. Firstlife was super interesting to the point that I knew I should read this. One of my favorite parts of the books is the afterlife part having realms where you can go to. Usually afterlife in books is just heaven but Firstlife was unique twist. I also like the two male characters Killian and Archer who are the agents sent to convince Ten to join their sides. I like the interaction between both characters. From the bad boy Killian to self-righteous Archer who comes across as a knight in shining army.  And Ten is a bad ass heroine that does whatever it takes to have the freedom to run her own life. This is something that many people can relate to. I totally recommend this book who like action dystopian type of books with an element of fantasy as well.

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Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Summer is a great time of the year to travel. See the world and see all the great places. But, what if you had the power to time-travel? That would definitely make a great trip, wouldn’t it? Well in Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, Etta Spencer a violinist is getting ready for the biggest performance of her life. Things are going as planned until is forced to run for her life when kidnappers are hot on her trail. Soon she stumbles into a mysterious girl who pushes her and next thing she knew woke up in on a ship in the middle of nowhere. Etta finds out she has time-traveled to 1776 and is on a pirate ship where she meets the handsome Nicholas Carter. In the story, she also learns that she comes from long line of time travelers and her mom is kidnapped. In order to get her back, she must find an object her mom stole. Throughout the story Etta and the help of Nicholas they travel through time and find an adventure of a lifetime. Can Etta find the object to get mom back?

The book Passenger has a combination of magic, time travel, romance, adventure and mystery that never stops. I had so much fun reading this book which was fast past as well. I am a huge fan of time-travel and pirates and so when I heard about this book I knew I must read it. I also liked the book that has a lot of plots twists that kept me guessing and unsure how it’s going to end. On the other hand, there are areas that I didn’t like. Sometimes when it comes to the hidden romance in the book, the characters tend to get overly descriptive of how they fill where it gets annoying and makes me want to move on. I also wished that the character went to more places as well. Probably I will get to see where the time-traveling will lead in the next book. If you are interested in reading Passenger by Alexandra Bracken click on the button “ Buy on Amazon” to check it out and until next time keep on reading.

Time of Useful Consciousness by Jennifer Ott Book Review

  • Title: Time of Useful Consciousness
  • Author: Jennifer Ott
  • Year Published: 2015
  • Page Count: 286
  • Goodreads: Here
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Time of Useful Consciousness by Jennifer Ott is a story of love, secrets, and adventure. In this book, we travel back to Post-World War 2 German where it focuses the story of Louisa and her dangerous story. In the beginning, we are brought to the scene of Louisa after she shoots a German man in cold blood. Then later finds herself in an American Military Prison where she is interrogated by Colonel Taylor. Colonel Taylor wants to know what happened to Louisa, her brother Ren, and her lover Kris. Let’s say they might be connected to black market smuggling. Louisa refuses to him what he wants, no names or numbers. Louisa not trying the man dating her mother chooses to stay in prison and chooses her loyalty to her German country.

During the story we are taken back to the past events that lead to the arrest. From Louisa’s experiences as a child and how her father died at war. Her brother disappearing and her very promiscuous overprotective mother. Louisa wishes to venture out into the world to explore. Soon she finds her brother and meets the seductive Kris. She soon finds the secret world of flying and learns the world through the eyes of a pilot. This leads to a dangerous romance with Kris and learns the secret job that Kris and her brother is part of. But the world Louisa isn’t going to turn down the chance of adventure and the journey to go with it.


I picked this book up because I really like historical fiction especially books during this period. I also thought the book should a unique perspective from the point of view of the Germans and how their life was affected by the events of World War 2. It also shows like how it was like after the war and when it was occupied by the allies.I also thought some of the supporting characters like Colonel Taylor was understanding and liked how he tried to be a father figure to Louisa. That said there was a lot of things I didn’t really like about the book. I really thought the main character Louisa started out super naive and didn’t know how the world. I see this a lot in books where the main character will act like an innocent and delicate person that doesn’t know a lot about the world and this girl didn’t know anything. I also like Louisa less naive but more like annoying. I mean throughout the story Louisa plays this innocent girl that didn’t do anything wrong and yet gets tangled up in a mess due to her brother’s mistake. I also think the future part where she was stuck and jail, I think she didn’t seem like she was suffering. Louisa got to do whatever she wanted, eat good food and yet she continues to be difficult. I personally am ok with her being stuck in jail. Lastly, I also felt like there was lack of character growth and the whole plot was rather slow.

Overall I liked the time period and I liked seeing a new glimpse of history. But the character was extremely flawed and had a ton of issues. I also felt like the story was also rather boring and couldn’t connect with the story. That is pretty much the end of my review and until new time keep on reading.


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A Cupcake for Christmas by Beth Barany Book Review

A Cupcake Christmas by Beth Barany

Merry Christmas Eve. I hope you are having an amazing holiday and drinking apple cider. Here in my home I celebrate Christmas in two ways. One Christmas Eve, is celebrate with the traditions from my mom side of the family. I am part Colombian I get to enjoy my favorite foods and traditions. On Christmas Day is all American. Turkey, eggnog, and pies. Well in the spirit of Christmas and for the holidays I decided to give you a book review on a Christmas story. The book I will be discuss is A Cupcake Christmas (A Christmas Elf Romance): A Magical Tale of Romance and Adventure by Beth Barany. I was excited to read another of Beth’s work because I always enjoyed reading her stories especially the Touchstone Series. This time around is a new story part of the series.

In the story A Cupcake Christmas, two characters from two worlds meet in the city of San Francisco. Florian who is a elf who loves to bake is in search of filling his resume and ends up getting hired by a woman named Kate. Kate owns a very business cupcake and coffee cart and sells great food to customers. This time of the year is a extremely hectic and she could use all the help. With the help from Florian anything is possible and even love maybe around the corner. Florian at the same time struggles to choose between giving up life as a elf for the his heart or earning a baking badge at the North Pole. What will the choice be?

I really loved this story and fell in love with its. It’s a short book and is something you can read during the holidays. I love elves and especially stories involving food. This books makes you want eat cupcakes at the same time. Another great thing about this story, and perfect for anyone who enjoys the love at first site type of stories. If you are interested in checking out the story check out the links below and until next time keep on reading.

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