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The Black Witch Book Review

Hi, guys. Welcome back to another edition of Where Stephanie Reads. I also can’t help but say that the year is going super fast. And now the summer is finally in motion. Well, to start the beginning of summer with a new book review I will be discussing the book The Black Witch. This is a book that recently came this month and has the combination of magic and is character driven.

  • Title: The Black Witch
  • Series: The Black Witch Chronicles
  • Author: Laurie Forest
  • Year Published: 2017
  • Page Count: 601 pages
  • Buy Book: Amazon
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Rating: 5 Stars


The Black Witch focuses on the granddaughter of a famous legendary Black Witch who saved the Gardnerian people. Unlike her well-known grandmother, the character Elloren doesn’t have her powers. In fact, she pretty is shy and was raised in a small town sheltered by the on-goings of the world. During the story, Elloren and her two brothers get to go to the famous Verpax University to study apothecary. The school that is known to be diverse and made up of students from different regions and different ethnic groups. Soon, Elloren must face the ugly truth that the school is way more divided and the ugly truth of her grandmother’s legacy.

My Thoughts

The Black Witch was so good. I started it on Sunday and finished it this morning. To be honest I didn’t know what it was about but saw thumbnails of the book cover on Booktube and decided to pick it up. I also really liked the cover and it gave me chills. Chills in a good way. The book has a mixture of fantasy world building, magical elements and a female character that was easy to relate to.I like how regardless of Elloren’s struggles with fitting into the world she knew nothing about she kept true to herself. I also like the fact that the book touches topics of prejudice and discrimination.

If you wish to learn more about the book hop over to the bottom to head over to Amazon and until next time keep on reading.


Hooked On Books Wrap-Up

Hi, guys. I hope you guys are doing well and finding ways to stay cool during the really hot weather. Well, this past weekend I decided to stay inside and participate in the Hooked On Books Read-A-Thon from Goodreads. I wanted to catch-up on my reading and there were some books that were on my reading list. For those interested the Hooked on Books, Read-A-Thon happens every month and runs for 48 hours. The Goodreads group Hooked On Books also host 24-hour read-a-thons as well. To learn more about when future read-a-thons are schedule click on the link here. Below are some of the books I read.

Gunslinger by Stephen King

Gunslinger was one of the books I heard was coming out with a movie this year and I wanted to use this opportunity to start reading it. And also it looked like a short book. Sadly, the book didn’t really grab my attention and I decided to move on to a book that is more fast paced.

Hidden Figure by Margot Lee Shetterly

Hidden Figures was a book that I really wanted to read. I love books like this and I really wanted to watch the movie so I knew this had to be on my TBR. And I will admit that my sister wants to watch it as well and so I decided to get this over with.

The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

I saw The Black Witch on YouTube and thought it looked like it would be a great book. Plus, I think the book cover looked awesome and I have this feeling that this could be a great book and could be a favorite of 2017. So, far I am having fun reading the book and it is so far holding my attention. If you are interested in learning about my thought on the book when I finished do check back for a future review.

So that is it for the read-a-thon. If you totally enjoyed this post do share it with your friends. And until my next post keep on reading.


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  • Hooked on Books Read-A-Thon Info: Goodreads

Hooked On Read-A-Thon

Hi, guys, it’s almost summer and it’s already hot out. Ugh, I personally am not excited about the hundred degree weather. Who is? Well, this week I found a great way to hide away from the heat and decided to join the Hooked on Books Read-a-Thon this weekend. The read-a-thon was created from the Goodreads Group Hooked On Books. This read-a-thon starts on Saturday the June 17 to the June 18. It’s a great 48 hours to squeeze in some backs that were on my TBR list forever. If you are interested in joining here is the link to the read-a-thon. Here below are the two I will be reading this weekend. Hopefully, you will be joining in on the fun.

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

I picked this book because for one it’s been on my list since I heard about the movie but also my sister wants to watch soon. In fact, she said if we don’t watch the movie soon she would just watch it without me. This weekend I will read so then next weekend we can grab the popcorn and watch it. Unless another read-a-thon happens.

The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

This is a newly released book. I don’t know a whole lot about this book except the fact there is witches, magic and there is a university involved. I also saw this book all over Booktube so it kind of got my attention. So this week I will be squeezing this book. Sounds magical.

Those are the books I will be reading. If you got suggests let me know. For those interested in keeping up with my progress during the read-a-thon I will be posting my updates on social media. My social media links will be below so you don’t miss a thing. Until next time keep on reading.

Your One Word Book Review

Two years I ago I remember started out on this small blog with no plan except to share my progress of a reading challenge from Goodreads. But over the course of the first year, I grew to love reading more than I did and move towards taking my passion to the whole level. I also knew deep down that it was just loving to read but someone that I needed. But despite loving to blog I always wanted to start a booktube channel. But sadly, when I was starting I didn’t have the courage to do so until I recently discovered a YouTube called Evan Carmichael. After watching his videos I got so inspired that decided to pick up one of his books. After reading the book and learning from it I knew that I must start a BookTube. I had a pocket full of excuses on why I didn’t start before but I decided to just do it. The book I am talking about Your One Word.

  • Title: Your One Word
  • Author: Evan Carmichael
  • Year Published: 2016
  • Page Count: 272 pages
  • Buy Book: Amazon
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Author’s Site: Here
  • Rating: 5 Stars


Your One Word is not just any business book that just gives that tells you how to start a business but does more. It talks about defining that one word that represents you and your business. Which actually I think my main word is Discover because I am always discovering something new. More books and things to learn. The book also helps you find that one word with questions and showing you how you find it. That one personal word that help you build the business and yourself as an entrepreneur.

My Thoughts

I got to say it became on of my favorite business books. And this fell on my lap in a time when I needed it the most. If you are feeling stuck and not sure whether to take that one idea and going for it this book is going help. This book isn’t like step 1, step 2 and gives pages of false dreams but actually, gives you real guidance. I also like reading about famous well-known entrepreneurs that made it but also what their one word was. I also like how Evan used #believe in his business.I also recommend checking out Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel if you want to learn more as well. Until my next time keep on reading.


Buy the Book at: Here
Check out Evan Carmichael’s YouTube Channel at:

Top Books I Read Because of BookTube

Hi guys! Welcome back to Where Stephanie Reads. Booktube was one of the reasons I started Where Stephanie Reads. And a lot of the books I read was because I discovered on my favorite booktube channels. Most of the books were good and even became some of my all-time favorites. Booktube also changed the way I think about books and appreciate them more. So on this post, I decided to talk about my favorite books I read because of Booktube and talk about why I liked them and what channels I discovered them on.

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The Fault in Our Stars

This book was all over Booktube and after the trailer, for the drop, it was on TV as well. I heard so many great things about both the book and John Green. I wanted to know how great it was and finally, after seeing the trailer for the movie I decided to finally pick it up. Well, I loved it. The book was raw, real and taught many life lessons. Even if you aren’t into young adult contemporary or read love stories this is a book to read. I think anyone can appreciate this book and maybe shed a tear or curl up in a ball and cry your eyes out. And believe me I don’t usually read books that make me cry and this sure made me tear up. One of the reasons why I avoided love stories is because of the usually unrealistic instant stories that shoo me away. But this book should a real love story but also taught about life. So if you have read it yet or saw the movie I totally recommend it. The channels I discovered the book on where Abookutopia, CassJayTuck, JessetheReader.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

What pulled me in is my love of Hunger Games(Big fan) and the fact that I enjoy stories where characters had special abilities. I also am someone that never gets tired of dystopian books. No matter how hyped up it is. Another reason why I also picked it up was the cover. I loved the design and the simplistic of it. With just a crown with blood dripping from it told the story. I knew it would look great on my shelf. I read Red Queen and got the Hunger Games feel with goosebumps. It had tons of action, drama, strong female character and even some evil twisted villains. I discovered this book both on Abookutopia and Epic Reads.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This was one of the first books I discovered on booktube and enjoyed. I actually discovered on Little Book Owl‘s channel. I was really drawn to it book it had some amazing elements. I love historical fiction especially books that take place in World War 2. And the fact that The Book Thief is about someone stealing books it kind of was hard not to resist. The book was really well written and I fell in love with the character. I thought the main characters love of books and the beauty of them compelling. I also liked the friendship between Liesel and Max and how they formed a strong brother-sister bond. I also like how the book gave an importance on “words” and books as well.

Passengers by Alexandra Bracken

I actually heard about Alexandra Bracken but never read The Darkest Minds books. Passengers were discovered while watching my favorite booktube channels Abookuptopia. I immediately loved the book cover and after reading the book it becomes of my favorite books in 2016. And actually one of my all-time favorite books I read. I love books that have time-travel in it but I also liked reading about a character who was a musician. I myself am a musician and love music so this book was special to me. I also liked the bond between both Etta and Nicholas. If you haven’t heard of this book I totally recommend reading it if you love time-travel.

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

This is a book I discovered off of Abooktupia but also seen on Jessethereader‘s channels. This book has a ton of action, adventure, and strong female characters. This one of my favorites books because despite having a love interest it didn’t take over the whole book. I loved the strong bond between the two main female characters and how much there are always there for each other. Partners in crime and always having each other’s backs. I also enjoyed female characters that can kick ass and have special abilities. And top that off with a smashing follow-up with Windwitch as well.

Woman No.17 by Edan Lepucki

I picked Woman No.17 up after discovering it on Book Riot and the synopsis intrigued me. I don’t read a lot of contemporary books and must be really drawn to the book to pick it up. But I really liked the book cover and it seemed had a feeling it would be a great book. So far I am almost to the middle of the book and enjoying it. It surprises me that it’s not all over YouTube yet. That is another reason I wanted to read it and review it because it needs more booktubers to discover it. This book has two female characters who come from two different lives but find a connection in their friendship. Throughout the book, they learn more about each other and discover secrets along the way. I can’t wait to learn more as I get to the end.

So that are some of my top favorite books I read that I found on Booktube. So in the comments in below let me know what are you favorite books that you discovered on Booktube. Tell me what you think of them and let me know if you read any of the books I mentioned. Until next time keep on reading.


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Library Book Haul

One of the best places to find cheap books is by visiting your local library. Once of the month at my closet library, they have book sales. I go and enjoy the great deals. This week they had a buy five books for just $2 so I couldn’t pass it up. And then came back at the end of the week for “free day” and some of the leftovers. I can’t wait for the next book sale to arrive.

This I hit my local library to check out this month’s book. I got some great books for less than $2.

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