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Head On by John Scalzi Book Review

If you are looking for a book that has the combination of a crime mystery, a comedy with tons of laughs but is also has a mix of science fiction in the direction of the android type of world than well today we will be discussing John Scalzi’s newest book Head On. Head On is the sequel to Lock In. If you haven’t read Lock In I have a review on the first book here. In this sequel, we return with characters Agent Shane and Agent Vane to solve a mystery.

  • Title: Head On
  • Author: John Scalzi
  • Year Published: 2018
  • Page Count: 384
  • Author Site: Here
  • Goodreads: Here
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In the sequel to Lock In, this book focus on the mysterious murder of a famous athlete Duane Chapman. Who is a player of the game Head On? A game where players are mostly Hadens and the object of the game is to take the head of a player and taking it to the goal in order to score points. After the mysterious murder happens Agent Shane and Agent Vann is called in to solve it. As they investigate they must jump over hurdles that step into their paths keeping them from getting close to finding the true culprit.

I had a fun time reading Head On. I loved Lock In when it came out and it made me a fan of John Scalzi’s writing. But with Head On it reminded me why his books rock. First off, I like how I got to see more of the world of Hadens in this book but with the mix of sports. A fictional sport that is popular in the book and how it plays in everyone’s lives. I also liked the mystery plot and it had me at the edge of the seat. I wasn’t sure who would be the main villain but all I wanted to do is to find out. ON top of all that I got to enjoy the interaction between Agent Vann and Agent Shane. They are the perfect duo and the way they talk all the time is just funny. It was fun and I hope for another book soon. So are you someone who has read the book yet? Well, let me know in the comments. And if you are looking to check it out do click on the links below to learn more. Until next time keep on reading.


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The History Major by Phillip Michael Cash Book Review

  • Title: The History Major
  • Author: Phillip Michael Cash
  • Year Published: 2015
  • Page Count: 130
  • Goodreads: Here
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If you are someone looking for a book to read this quick and short but has a lot going on than The History Major: A Novella is for you. This is a great book to read during a read-a-thon but also great if you enjoy a great mystery. The History Major: A Novella is written by author Michael Phillip Cash. The book is about a college girl named Amanda who wakes with the worst hangover in her life. She also starting hearing and seeing voices and find out she had a roommate that she ever knew about. This leads to a weird day with strange things happening. She is being watched by an unknown person and is forced to take a class she didn’t sign up for. During her history class and meets a boy who has secrets. Amanda finds out that the class was not a mistake and is in for a nightmare. She soon learns that in order to find the mystery behind her day is to look towards the past in history to solve the mystery in her life as well. This is a key that must be found before someone or something finds her.


I felt like the book was really interesting. The book was fast paced and held my attention throughout. I also like how the mystery tied into the hidden secrets of Amanda(main character)’s past. In order to save herself, she must face her regrets, fears and also look within herself. I also like how they also combine all this and add historic events throughout the book. I don’t really read books that actually this short and usually read books that have more than 200 pages but every once in a while find one this short. I guess great for anyone who wants a book to read in one setting. There were some parts that could’ve been improved like I would like to see more Amanda’s world be expanded a big more. I still don’t feel a great connection with the character nor do I think the author spent enough time developing the rest of the characters as well.The book as well doesn’t really explain this mysterious guy that keeps popping up and why he why was connected to the character. Well that is it for today’s review stay tuned in for more and until next time keep on reading.


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