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Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken Book Review

  • Title: Wayfarer
  • Author: Alexandra Bracken
  • Year Published: 2017
  • Page Count: 467 pages
  • Series Name: Passenger
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  • Goodreads: Here
  • Rating: 5 Stars


In the second book Wayfarer we continue where we left off. Etta who becomes orphan from time after the events of the last book and ends up meeting a man who claims to be her father. Should she trust him or does he have a hidden agenda? Back to Nicolas who must team up with Sophia after her betrayal and find Etta but also learns more secrets about the Astrolabe. All of the characters are forced to decide the fate of the time travel families and must find a way to save the world from the Ironwoods before its too late.

My Thoughts

I was thrilled what I read and was sad to learn it was just a duology. Why? I want the fun to continue. Hopefully, there would be a spin-off or some short stories. The book was different from the first book which had more romance built into the story but in Wayfarer it was more about the adventure and action. This is something I liked about this book. As much as I enjoyed the love story because the first book got too steamy for me and I wanted more fast paced action. In Wayfarer I got what I wanted. There was time travel to different time periods and there was fighting. I also enjoyed seeing my favorite characters including some new faces as well. Overall the book was fun and I can’t wait to read more from Bracken.

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The Revenant by MIchael Punke Book Review

The Revenant is a book that keeps you guess throughout. When I saw the movie preview on TV, I knew I must read the book before watching the movie. I knew that despite not reading a ton of books in this particular genre that this is a must. If you haven’t heard the Michael Punke book The Revenant keep reading to learn more about the book.

The Revenant takes place in 1823 and surrounds the story of a man named Hugh Glass who is with a group of scouting men on a mission in the depths of the frontier. On the trip, Glass gets attacked and severely injured by a grizzly bear which leaves him in the worst condition ever. The men that are a part of his party try to take him along but then suddenly two are left behind to help bury him when he dies. During this time the two men take his stuff and leave him stranded. Awake Glass is furious from the betrayal and wants to have revenge for leaving him behind and taking his stuff.

Throughout the book, I didn’t want to put it down because it was so good. I like who the book covers that backstory of each of the main characters and how developed the world is. You can envision the frontier and how dangerous it is to just walk through the woods. I also enjoyed the action and adventure elements. The books is awesome and I don’t usually give a five stars rating because this book blew me away. If you are interested in reading the book click on the affiliated links above and until my next book review keep on reading.

Time of Useful Consciousness by Jennifer Ott Book Review

The Jennifer Ott’s historical romance novel soars to new heights in Time of Useful Consciousness . A story of love, secrets, and adventure. In this book we travel back to Post-World War 2 German where it focus the story of Louisa and her dangerous story. In the beginning we are brought to scene of Louisa after she shoots a German man in cold blood. Than later finds herself in an American Military Prison where she is interrogated by Colonel Taylor. Colonel Taylor wants to know what happened to Louisa, her brother Ren, and her lover Kris. Let’s say they might be connected to black market smuggling. Louisa refuses to him what he wants, no names or numbers. Louisa not trying the man dating her mother chooses to stay in prison and chooses her loyalty to her German country.

During the story we are taken back to the past events that lead to the arrest. From the Louisa’s experiences as a child and how her father died at war. Her brother disappearing and her very promiscuous overprotective mother. Louisa wishes to venture out into the world to explore. Soon she finds her brother, and meets the seductive Kris. She soon finds the secret world of flying and learns the world through the eyes of a pilot. This leads to a dangerous romance with Kris and learns the secret job that Kris and her brother is part of. But the world Louisa isn’t going to turn down the chance of adventure and the journey to go with it.

As a history buff and someone that enjoys an adventure, Time of Useful Consciousness is both intriguing and alluring. From the two stories of both Louisa’s time in prison and her past with her brother and lover. Throughout I wasn’t sure how the story will turn but knew it was just addicting. The story also paints the backdrop of what it was like in Germany in post-World-War 2 and shows the effects on the German people. From the hardships, resentment and what people will do to earn a living. The story was complete, didn’t leave any missing gaps and was perfectly developed.

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Time of Useful Consciousness

Becoming George Washington by Stephen Yoch

Dear Readers

I think its time a for a great book review as a way to end a really great week. Hopefully everyone is having a great week as well. Nothing like the Christmas season to bring a smile to your face. Sitting down drinking an apple cider. Well this week I had the chance to read a great historical fiction book based on the early days of George Washington’s life. The book is written by Stephen Yoch. This is part of a biography but with a fictional twist. I always been fascinated with America History and if you are someone that is looking to read more about history this a great book to read.

Becoming George Washington tells the early days of George Washington before the Revolutionary War. He is world is painting with colors throughout book is many characters that help him or throw challenges in his path. The book takes place from the begins of George Washington’s career as a surveyor to the military paths he took to get to the top. The book also covers a secret relationship is a mysterious woman. This is a great book because despite being a book about his life it’s not a straight up biography but a book based on his life. The also has a mix of funny lighthearted parts but also action. The book gave me insight on how the French and Indian War began and how its was from George Washington’s point of view and his struggles with dealing with the government. This is a great book to make you want to explore Virginia to learn about his past. I will admit to wanting to watch documentaries about his world and read more. If you are interested in checking out his book click on the affiliate links below and until my next book review keep on reading.