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A Cupcake for Christmas by Beth Barany Book Review

A Cupcake Christmas by Beth Barany

Merry Christmas Eve. I hope you are having an amazing holiday and drinking apple cider. Here in my home I celebrate Christmas in two ways. One Christmas Eve, is celebrate with the traditions from my mom side of the family. I am part Colombian I get to enjoy my favorite foods and traditions. On Christmas Day is all American. Turkey, eggnog, and pies. Well in the spirit of Christmas and for the holidays I decided to give you a book review on a Christmas story. The book I will be discuss is A Cupcake Christmas (A Christmas Elf Romance): A Magical Tale of Romance and Adventure by Beth Barany. I was excited to read another of Beth’s work because I always enjoyed reading her stories especially the Touchstone Series. This time around is a new story part of the series.

In the story A Cupcake Christmas, two characters from two worlds meet in the city of San Francisco. Florian who is a elf who loves to bake is in search of filling his resume and ends up getting hired by a woman named Kate. Kate owns a very business cupcake and coffee cart and sells great food to customers. This time of the year is a extremely hectic and she could use all the help. With the help from Florian anything is possible and even love maybe around the corner. Florian at the same time struggles to choose between giving up life as a elf for the his heart or earning a baking badge at the North Pole. What will the choice be?

I really loved this story and fell in love with its. It’s a short book and is something you can read during the holidays. I love elves and especially stories involving food. This books makes you want eat cupcakes at the same time. Another great thing about this story, and perfect for anyone who enjoys the love at first site type of stories. If you are interested in checking out the story check out the links below and until next time keep on reading.

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Henriette and the Dragon Stone by Beth Barany

One of the interesting things about me is that I am a fantasy nerd. I love all kinds of fantasy and love magical creatures. So I was happy to get started on the second book Henrietta The Dragon Slayer Series called Henrietta and the Dragon Stone: A Young Adult Epic Fantasy Novel (Henrietta The Dragon Slayer ) (Volume 2) by Beth Barany. For those that didn’t get to read the first book, Henrietta the Dragon Slayer I have a review on the book here (link). Check it out the book and read the book afterward and come back to this post. For those are ready to jump into the next book keep on reading.

  • Title: Henriette and the Dragon Stone
  • Author: Beth Barany
  • Series: (Book 2)Henrietta The Dragon Slayer
  • Year Published: 2014
  • Page Count: 342
  • Buy Book: Amazon


The book, Henrietta and the Dragon Stone brings us back to where we left off from the last book Henrietta claiming the Dragon Stone, Dracontias and exposing the sorcerer who has been posing as King Singfan of the Oro Islands. In the story, Jaxter takes the throne and is no longer the jester but a king. In the story, Jaxter asks Henrietta to help deliver an urgent message to King Matias of the kingdom of Bleuve. King Matias and Henrietta have a history and Henrietta vowed to never return but after hearing the risks of what happens if she doesn’t deliver the message she agrees. So Henrietta and Franc go on a quest to the Kingdom of Bleuve and also Henrietta must go to her home to save her mentor Master Chen as well.

In the story, we embrace with more dangers, and sword fighting that we all come to love from the first story. The story also lets you learn more about Henriette’s dark past and history with King Matias. This is one of her major obstacles but also must protect herself and her friends from a hidden force that would stop at nothing to regain the Dragon’s Stone.


The story isn’t short on fast past action but also has its dearest moments. You go from seeing both Henriette and Franc’s hard sides but also their softer areas. I also like seeing their relationship develop throughout the story and being in tune with the world of Henrietta’s. The only thing that I missed about the book was the fact that my other favorite characters like Jaxter and Paulette didn’t get to be in the adventure but hopefully they will return soon. Other than that I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. For those are interested in reading the book the link is below and as always keep on reading.


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Henrietta the Dragon Slayer by Beth Barany Book Review

This week I was really happy. What got me smiling was hearing back from an author that I review a while back asked me to review another of her books. So this week I read a book from the author Beth Barany. A while back I read her Touchstone Series but this week I got to finish her book called Henrietta the Dragon Slayer. For those that love dragons like me and fantasy as well, this is a treat.

  • Title: Henrietta the Dragon Slayer
  • Author: Beth Barany
  • Year Published: 2016
  • Page Count: 236
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Buy Book: Amazon


The story is about a woman named Henrietta who is famous for being a dragon slayer. After years of slayer dragons, she decides to quit and live a life of travel and be a troubadour. She goes around singing stories of her adventures and one night decides to stop at a tavern. After Henrietta’s performance, she approached by a knight named Franc who was sent by his king to fetch Henrietta to help slay a dragon. Henrietta who is retired from dragon slayer refuses and tells the knight to leave her alone. Franc, on the other hand, is a code of honor and is not willing to leave without her. This leads to a short fight but was interrupted by their mutual friend Jaxter the Jester from the Tavern. Jaxter graciously offers Henrietta a stay a room at the tavern’s inn.

Henrietta who is feeling sleepy and goes to a nearby inn to find a room but gets approached by an elderly mysterious woman who tells her that she must go to slay a dragon to get a stone called Dracontias to help save her master Chen who is dying. Henrietta is at first skeptic but the next day when she sees the old woman she learns that this isn’t a joke and she must see her friend and get the stone. But in order to get there, she must get help from the old woman. The old woman makes a deal that in return for help she must escort her apprentice Paulette back to her village safely. Reluctantly, Henrietta agrees.

Paulette and Henrietta is off on the journey to Paulette’s village but ends bumping into both Franc the knight and Jaxter the Jester who insist on coming along the journey as well. So the four companions must go on the journey and must learn to work together. The four of them also learn more secrets of the dragon, each other, and to face one’s fears.


The story has a lot of mystery and fantasy. I actually love these type of stories where a character goes on a quest and I especially love knights, dragons, and magic. The story also carries the message of friendship, learning to face your past and fears. The story has action and sword fighting as well. I totally enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next book that is in the series. If you are interested in reading the book the link to Amazon is below and if you wish to learn more about the author her website link below too. Until the next review keep on reading.


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