Serena by Ron Rash Book Review

Serena by Ron Rash

I have an interesting story about a book I just read. Well originally before I read this book I picked it up thinking it was the book for a movie called Age of Adaline but got the names mixed up with a different movie called Serena: A Novel. When I got the book Serena and started reading it, I got a weird vibe. This isn’t right, I thought this is about a girl who lives and doesn’t age, I thought. I checked the synopsis which was a totally different synopsis. I also went to check out the movie trailer and saw it was a completely different movie. Luckily despite my confusion, Serena did look rather inviting so I decided to read it.

The book Serena: A Novel is takes place in 1929 which where the Great Depression is starting and centers around a newlywed couple Pemberton and his wife Serena. This couple goes to North Carolina to run their lumber business and strive to make history and create a lumber business empire. Pemberton is business savvy sense and his wife who is his strong, clever, beautiful, ambitious partner. The couple makes a powerful duo and will do whatever it takes to stay on top. The couple so set in their dreams that will even kill anyone who will step in their path of success.
On the rise of the success, Serena gets pregnant and Pemberton’s ex-girlfriend Rachel comes to work at his lumber business as a dishwasher. But Rachel also is the mother of his child name Jacob. Serena suddenly, loses her baby and soon decides to kill the child of the Rachel and her too. Pemberton who finds out also secretly helps out Rachel and her son to get away. Pemberton is also force to keep this all a secret from Serena’s anger and scheme. Will Serena get her way?

Serena: A Novel was worth the read despite my confusion. The book is a great example of what an evil villain looks like. Someone that looks harmless but deadly on the inside. Serena is just downright crazy but also can be the smartest person as well. In throughout the book before Serena started showing her bad side, I thought she was strong and independent and just knows how to take charge at a business where men dominated. I also like the whole duo of Pemberton and Serena make the perfect team in scheming and I laugh whenever they can climb on top. There was also interesting side characters that help move the story along as well. I totally will read this again if I had the chance and I know you guess would enjoy it. I can’t wait to see the movie as well which is starting Jennifer Lawrence who plays Serena. Until then keep on reading.


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