The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey Book Review

The 5th Wave(The 5th Wave Series) by Rick Yancey

How scary is it when aliens attack Earth? What’s most scary is aliens that can look like us, humans? That is a scary thought. A great series for those that are interested in post-apocalyptic type of series that involve aliens attacking Earth I have a great book that you might enjoy. This weeks book is called The 5th Wave: The First Book of the 5th Wave Seriesby Rick Yancey. This book came out two years ago but I finally picked it up after learning that the movie is coming out. It was one of those books that sat on my TBR(To Be Read) shelf for ages.

The 5th Wave: The First Book of the 5th Wave Series happens to take place after the aliens attack Earth. The alien in this story attack in different stages know as waves. The first attack they shut down electricity and power. the second wave involves natural disasters happening all over the place. Think of The Day After Tomorrow movie. The third wave is disease than the fourth wave is that they are among everyone. The story is centered around a girl named Cassie who is stuck in this world and has lost everything. She lost her mom and her father during the third and fourth waves and her brother was taken to a camp called Camp Haven. Cassie is left alone with alone her backpack and her rifle. She goes on a journey to go save her brother but at the sometime trying to not get killed.

During Cassie’s journey she meets a boy named Evan Walker who saves her from a shooter. They become friends and he tries to keep her safe. Later Cassie soon learns that Evan himself is not what he seems and has dark secret in his past that might threaten the friendship. Cassie soon finds herself stuck in a war of who to trust.

The story also shifts point of views and also centers around another character whose name is Zombie who wakes up in a hospital. He gets put into training boot camp to train to be soldier. This soldiers are the only hope to saving human kind. Zombie also become friends with unique characters alongside a boy that is six years old. Zombie must train to service but finds a deep secret that leads to the root of the alien war.

The 5th Wave is a unique take on an Alien/Apocalyptic story and very fast pace. The story at first got me confused. Because the story starts out with Cassie in first person and I thought she would be the only person in the story. I thought it would be like I Am Legend or something. But throughout the story more characters show up.

Some of the great things about the story is that its fast pace and always has both mystery and action throughout. The book being a young adult has the element of Teens out to save the world and becoming soldiers theme as well. At the same time spans to different ages even four year old characters.  I also found the characters interesting in there way especially characters from the Camp Haven.

What I didn’t like about the book though and its my problem is that I get confused somethings when the book tends to switch point of views with telling you which character it is. I think maybe it would be less confusing if in the beginning of each section where the character changes they write the name of the character or else you can throw off. I also got confused when the book keeps shifting back and forth between the present and past(flashbacks) throughout. I never know when I am back into the present.

Overall I really like the story and I plan on continuing the series. The next book is called The Infinite Sea and came out recently. For those interested I recommend reading it before the movie comes out and do enjoy it.



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