Master of Tides by Jennifer Kohout Book Review

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Master of Tides by Jennifer Kohout

It’s the end of the week and I just finished a great book. I thought I wouldn’t pick up a romance novel or sexy novel after reading 50 Shades of Grey(which I hated) but I was wrong. The book Master Of Tides (Royal Sails Book 1)
by Jennifer Kohout is hot, and steamy. This book brings the elements of adventure, a steamy romance, bad ass characters and pirates. Who doesn’t like pirates. I was a fan of pirates ever since Johnny Depp played Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean and missed the movie. But this book will help you with that fix.

Master Of Tides (Royal Sails Book 1), centers around the first and only female pirate captain named Catalina Thornley who sails her ship the Raven. Catalina is tough, and knows how to command a ship and doesn’t take crap from no one. Catalina and her crew in the story is about to take over a ship until their fun was interrupted by another rival ship the Green Emerald. The captain of the Green Emerald is Captain Kade Morgan. Captain Kade Morgan is tough, buff, and loves the sea and his ships. A ship that doesn’t think much of Catalina being a woman should be a pirate much less a captain.

Things take turn when Catalina takes a job to take over the Argus and must work with Kade. Which doesn’t come easily from their first meeting and this ends up to be a competition. Catalina trying to prove she can hold her own and Kade fighting his urge to resist her charm. Can these two captain put aside their egos and work together?
This book is filled with a adventure and plenty of action. And when say action, I say all kinds of action. I also found this story very intriguing because the supporting characters are interesting and in the way they act and the way they interact with the captains. I also did thing that Captain Kade was extremely attractive and thought that Catalina doesn’t know what she is in for when meeting him. If your looking for a great story with pirates and romance this is a great book to download and read. You can find the links to the book below. Until my next book writing adventure keep on reading.


Buy the Book on Amazon:Master Of Tides (Royal Sails Book 1)

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