Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine

  • Title: Paper and Fire
  • Author: Rachel Caine
  • Year Published: 2016
  • Page Count: 398 pages
  • Series Name: The Great Library
  • Buy Book: Amazon
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Rating: 4 Stars


Rachel Caine returned with the second installment from The Great Library series with Paper and Fire. If you haven’t read Ink and Bone and wish to learn more click here for my past review on the book. In this second book we return to Alexandria after the events that happened in the the previous book. Jess and his friends are assigned new jobs. Jess and Glaine is assigned as part of the guard. After his friend Thomas has disappeared after being caught for committing a crime, Jess and his friends must find a way to help save him. At the same time jess must deal with the consequences of turning Morgan in to the The Iron Tower. Throughout the book more secrets are revealed and Jess gets deeper and deeper with the world of the Library. Can anyone get out a live before they are found out?

My Thoughts:

Soon as the book came out I didn’t hesitated to put on hold at my library and couldn’t wait to read it. After the last book left me with awe and wonder I really couldn’t hide my excite for Paper and Fire. And if you are a fan of stories where characters go to a far off land and go to a school or a new world this is a book for you. Also the book is made for book worms like me. The book was filled with adventure, secrets, conspiracy, and some science fiction elements. I also like the fact that the book takes place in a different part of the world then mine.

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