Truthwitch by Susan Dennard Book Review

  • Title Truthwitch
  • Author Susan Dennard
  • Series The Witchlands
  • Year Published 2016
  • Page Count
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Dive into the world of Truthwitch a book by Susan Dennard. This is a book that surrounds some of my favorite elements. The book combines magic, adventure, and romance into a fun world. Truthwitch throws you into the world of the Witchlands and a time where a truce between three empires are about to end. War is something that might happen at any moment, just one thing could start something. Witchlands is a world where witches with special powers live as well. The story involves three different characters that end up crossing past. Two witches named Iseult and Safiya who have special gifts. Iseult is a threadwitch who can see the ties and souls of people. Safiya is a truthwitch who can tell whether someone is telling the truth or is lying. These two witches are on the run when an evil witch who is a bloodwitch and wants them. On the run, the two witches end up meeting a Prince who is in charge of taking Safiya and her friend to a far off place to escape. This ends up being more than what the prince has bargained for. During the story, the three characters who are at odds must find a way to put aside their differences in order to escape the wrath of the bloodwitch and also to save the prince’s homelands from famine.

I had so much fun reading this Truthwich in fact, I couldn’t put this down and wanted more of it. I even read it twice in the row because it was so good. I loved the elements of magic and people with special abilities. What also got me into the book was the adventure in it and I actually got a Sinbad type of world. If you are interested in jumping into the world of the Truthwitch click on the link below the picture to check it out. Until next time keep on reading.

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