Home: Interstellar Merchant Princess by Ray Strong Book Review

  • Title: Home: Interstellar: Merchant Princess
  • Author: Ray Strong
  • Year Published: 2015
  • Page Count: 353
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If you are a fan of Ender’s Game or anything with a combination of space, action, and pirates than a great book are Home: Interstellar: Merchant Princess by Ray Strong. This book is about a girl named Meriel who lost her parents when their spaceship gets hijack. Meriel, her sister Elizabeth and kids that were that survived. Years later Meriel is an officer of the cargo on the ship Tiger. She ends up in the middle of struggle from trying to recover the space and bringing back family together but trying to uncover the mystery of what happened to her parents. In the middle of the story, she meets the Nav officer John who catches his eye. Together and the help with Meriel’s friends she tries to solve the mystery around the spaceship.


The story is a mixture of action, science fiction, and pirates. On the other hand, the story is also about the struggle with dealing with one’s demons and trying to trust yourself and not to let people step in the way of your dreams. In the beginning of the book, I wasn’t drawn into the story until the fifth or sixth chapter, to be honest. But once the story got more in depth I was more interested. There were also times where I felt like the characters in the story need more developments and more in depth back story. Hopefully, in the sequel, I get that. My overall feeling is that the book is a good but I would like to see more action and hopefully the sequel adds more fun.

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