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Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter Book Review

Hello, Readers! Happy New Year and welcome to my first book review. What a great way to start my year with sharing my last great read. Recently I joined a book club on the site Goodreads called The Little Book Club started by the host of the YouTube channel called The Little Book Owl. The book of the month was called Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles). And when I joined I was thrilled but at the same time, I had to hurry and finished to get caught.

  • Title: Alice in Zombieland
  • Author: Gena Showalter
  • Series: The White Rabbit Chronicles
  • Year Published: 2012
  • Page Count: 368
  • Buy Book: Amazon


The book Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles) is the first book in the White Rabbit Chronicles trilogy by Gena Showalter. The story is about a girl named Alice who tragically loses her family in a sudden car accident. After the accident, Alice moves into her grandparent’s house and tries to coup with the loss. Alice also starts going to a new school and finds a guy named Cole the bad ass hot guy at the school. In the story Alice and Cole find out, they have a connection and she soon learns his secret. Cole is part of this group of zombie slayers this also leads to the discovery of what killed Alice’s parents. After this Alice trains to be a zombie slayer to avenge the death of her parents. Throughout the story, she unfolds many secrets.


I really like the story. At first, I was caught off guard from the title when I read the story. Personally, I don’t really read zombie books since I haven’t stumbled upon one that interested me. This book sucked me in and I couldn’t put it down. I love the fact that story plays a fresh new take on the zombies that we all are familiar with from most zombie stories. The zombies in the stories are much different. Another thing that I fell in love was the characters especially Alice’s grandparents which would make you smile when they try to use cool terms or words. I also like the interaction between Alice and Cole. Lastly, the story has a lot of suspense and action to have your interest.

As with most stories, there were some cons. One of the first things that occurred to me is the misleading title. As I said before I was caught off guard thinking it had some relation to Alice in Wonderland. The truth the story has nothing to do with the old tale the only thing that is related is that Alice’s name and there was a rabbit in the story. Other than that nothing. The other thing I would wish is more action in the beginning because most of the fight sequences happened in the second half of the book. I also wish to know more of the characters because they need more detail and more explanations for the zombies. But probably I have to wait till to the second book I guess.

All in all, I really loved the story other than the few negatives, I enjoyed my first book club read. I even reserved the second book at my library so I can pick it up. I totally recommend picking up a copy. If you’re interested click on the links below to get a copy. Until next time keep on reading!


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