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Decay(Book2 of Tesla Evolution Series) by Mark Lingane Book Review

Decay: Tesla Evolution Book 2 by Mark Lingane

Are you a fan of steampunk? Well hope so because I came back with the second installment from the Tesla series. For readers that never read first book in the Tesla Evolution series by Mark Lingane yet click here and then come back when you read it. For those that has keep on reading. The second of the Tesla Evolution series is called Decay by Mark Lingange.

In the second book Decay, Sebastian, Melanie, Gavin, and Isaac return. The story takes place a year after the last battle and after Sebastian’s mom was taking away. We find Sebastian and Isaac who have been training like crazy, older, and tougher and of course still getting into mischief as usual. Alongside Melanie’s relationship with Gavin is developing and Melanie finds herself as a captain for the army at the Steam Academy. Things are coming along and great except the attacks of Cyborgs are getting more repetitive and fierce.

In the story we are greeted with a new breed of cyborgs that are large and more animal like. Melanie who was sick in the previous story is finally clear of her condition but is instructed to stay clear of Sebastian this leads her to start growing up and becoming more ladylike. The story also takes an ugly turn when a strange couple arrives at Steam Academy and becomes the major. This at first seems like an ok idea but turns out the couple has their own hidden agenda. The mayor somehow turns the city against Tesla kids and vow to rid them believing they are evil and the city must be cleansed. This leads Melanie, Gavin, Sebastian, Isaac and Nicola to flee the city and to find a way to save the city from destruction and to find a way to stop the Cyborgs from destroying the human race.

This sequel is awesome and never short on action and gadgets. Who doesn’t like Steampunk and Cyberpunk in the same story? These two genres make a perfect pair especially when you have cyborgs. The book helps answer more questions and keeps me at the edge at my seat. I couldn’t put my kindle book down in anyway. In fact I ate and read, and stay up till two in the morning reading this book. What a blast. I can’t wait to read the second book. If you are interested in the read the next book the link to the book is below and as always keep on reading.

Buy It: Decay (Tesla Evolution Book 2) on Amazon.

Tesla Evolution by Mark Lingane Book Review

Tesla Evoluton by Mark Lingane

Dive into the world of Steampunk, Nicola Tesla and add a pinch of Cyborgs. Well this week I got the opportunity to read a new series called the Tesla Evolution. I don’t usually read eBooks as much as regular books but this series was at a great deal and thought I should give it a read. The Tesla Evolution is a series written by author Mark Lingane.

The first book in the series is called Tesla: A Steampunk Adventure and takes place in futuristic steampunk world. The book centers around a boy named Sebastian who lives on a farm. He strategically loses his dad to an illness and his gets sick and goes to the doctor. Alone, Sebastian’s aunt Ratty moves in to act as his guardian. Soon, Ratty gets ill and dies. Later after Ratty dies, Sebastian gets attacked by a group of viscous cyborgs. Sebastian flees and get save a by family. Sebastian in the story finds a letter from his mom telling him to go to the infamous Steam Academy to find the mysterious Nicola. Sebastian embarks on a journey to the Steam Academy and ends up meeting a teen girl named Melanie and the two go try to help each other out.

Once at the Steam Academy Sebastian finds out he is a Tesla. Someone with special abilities and learns more about himself and how to combat magnetic energy. He meets new characters like more Teslas and scientist. On top of this the Steam Academy is at war against an army of Cyborgs that want to destroy humanity and the teslas are the only ones that can help defend the city.

My favorite part about the book is that its steampunk. I admit to being a fan of this type of Science Fiction seek more books on the genre so finding this book was a bonus. The book also is loaded with action, kick-ass characters that can fight and many funny lines that keep me laughing. The story haves Crazy cyborgs that never go away and crazy computers who talk with #hashtags and character symbols. The book also is not predictable and has many plot twists. There are something I would’ve like to see in this book is the main character Sebastian to be able to defend himself.  I do recommend this book and you can find it as an eBook or regular paperback on Amazon. Check it out at the link below. As always keep on reading.


Buy it on Amazon: Tesla: A Steampunk Adventure (Tesla Evolution Book 1)