Freya by Matthew Laurance Book Review

Hi guys, welcome to another post of Where Stephanie Reads. This week I recently read a great book that combines adventure, female power, and Norse Mythology. The book I am talking is Freya by Matthew Laurence. This is the first book in the series of Freya.

  • Title: Freya
  • Author: Matthew Laurence
  • Series: Freya
  • Year Published: 2017
  • Page Count: 239 pages
  • Buy Book: Amazon
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Rating: 5 Stars


The book Freya centers around the Norse Goddess Freya who is known to be the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death. During the centuries her power fade and she grows weaker due to the fact her believers forgot about her. In the future, she goes by the name of Sarah and hides out in a mental hospital. There she sulks and hides her real identity. Suddenly, she meets Garen who tries to recruit help to find a goddess that roams the world in exchange for followers. Sarah doesn’t want this and turns down his deal. Sadly Garen doesn’t come with an optional bargain so Sarah chooses to flee. With the help of a new friend named Nathan, she goes on the lamb and tries to hide. But lately, she finds out that there are dark secret forces that are lurking in the shadows.

My Thoughts

I thought Freya was fun to read and loved the mixture of different kinds of mythologies. The book took me on a great adventure and surrounded me with Greek gods and kick ass Hawaiian Goddesses. The book also has a villain with twisted secrets that leave you in awe as well. I can’t wait til the next book to come so I can indulge on that. Until my next review keep on reading.

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