Defects (The Reverians Book 1) by Sarah Noffke Book Review

Defects (Book 1 from The Reverians Series) by Sarah Noffke

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On my first week back from my winter, I was excited to dive into my pile of books that I got over the holidays. The holidays was fun and reading books is a great way to start this years reading challenge. The first book I completed this year is called Defects (The Reverians Book 1)
from a series called The Reverians by Sarah Noffke. This is a book that came out around August. I was excited about book because I am a big fan of Utopian, fantasy young adult fiction books. This is a book about a girl named Em living in a community called Austin Valley. In this community there is a group of people called The Reverians who are Dream Travelers. Dreams Travelers can travel through dreams and also possess a unique gift. Everyone has a gift except Em. Em is the only one and first in her family to be not a have a gift and is now a defect. As a defect she is ordered to get shots in hopes of getting her gifts.During the story a friend of Em’s who was thought to be dead shows up with secrets and help Em see the world she lives in isn’t perfect and that there is bad stuff going on. Em falls in a world of danger and must find a way to save herself before harm comes.

This is story was fascinating and a page turner. I could stop reading it and even eating breakfast. What made the book a great story is that there is tons of suspense and action but also a mystery surrounding an all perfect society. The characters also were interest like there characters that made me mad but also ones that made me smile. If you are a young adult fiction fan that love people with unique abilities this is a story for you as well. IF you are interesting click on the affiliate link below which will direct you to Amazon. Until my next review just keep on reading.

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