Warriors (The Reverians Book Three) by Sarah Noffke


This week I was brought back for one last time into the world of the Reverians with the last book Warriors. Warriors is the third book in the The Reverians Trilogy series by Sarah Noffke. When I got to read this book I was excited and couldn’t wait to find out the conclusion to this action packed world. If you haven’t read the first book Defects click here to learn more…. Well, the series picks up after Em loses Rogue who died at Patrick’s bed. Em must continue her plan to start a revolution and to overthrow President Vider. In this book she gets help from Ren her uncle, Zach, Nona, and Patrick.

The book has me at my seat and it was a page turner. I also was a excited to see some of the side characters like Ren and Patrick getting more scenes and playing a bigger role in the book. Especially Ren comes out more prizes.Does he have a soft side? Other parts that intrigued me is the other secrets that get revealed which help carry on the story add to how evil President Vider is.I totally recommend checking out this third book if you are a fan of the series and let me know what you think. If you are interested in reading Warriors click on the affiliate link below and until my next book review keep on reading.

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