Vacationland by Nat Goodale Book Review

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Nothing like having a bad neighbor to destruct your lovely peaceful neighborhood. I have a fews neighbors that are the ones that have many cars and like to show them off. If I am sleeping on a quiet Sunday morning one of the neighbor’s cars will surely wake up. According to the story I am going to discuss in this review has a character that has a neighbor problem that makes me think my problem is much smaller.

In the Vacationland: Man Plans, God laughs
written by Nat Goodale, the protagonist Donny lives in a quiet Maine town. He works as a fisherman and has a dog named Tut. Nothing can distract his peace until he gets new neighbors who won’t leave him alone. From trying to boss Donny around to trying to change the whole town. Donny and his friends who lived in this town for most of his life by now it’s threatened by people looking to change things. Donny’s trouble doesn’t stop there. Donny meets a beautiful woman shelly who has a rich father who hates him and will stop at nothing to break the two up.

Donny must keep his sanity and his life from destruction from the conflicts that come about in his life. He also must solve the mystery of who has been messing around his boat and trying to ruin his fishing career. Will Donny solve the mystery?

Donny is a the typical sailor who drinks beer, smokes, and takes pride in his work. What makes his character interesting is the way he talks. He says what’s on his mind and also goes with the flow when his neighbors wreck havoc on his life. In fact his next door neighbors are extreme and will do crazy things to clean up the town from getting rid of Donny’s car to killing his old tree to fix the view. They are crazy.

Another notorious character that interesting is Donny’s dog.What a character. He barks, and growls at everyone except Donny. Towards the end of the book he gets softer around Donny’s girlfriend Shelly but still growls a little. Tut is also funny when he catches the eyes of the neighbor’s wife’s dog Alex. The books is interesting and complex. With a fast moving plot to keep you still interested. The author captures the characters and puts on into the development of them.

What missed the mark for me on the book is the ending. There was some parts that could’ve been better like some parts where Shelly gets back at her parents, the book should show an aftermath. I also would’ve like the story to have more thriller elements. The story is supposed to be a thriller and I thought there would be some more scary moments or thing that come out of nowhere but doesn’t. I think it is both suspenseful mystery and a comedy instead. The book is still good so I do suggest still reading it. If you are interested in reading the book click on the links below. Until my next reading featuring Rick Yancey novel The 5th Wave, keep on reading.


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