Undivided (Book 4 Unwind Dystology) by Neal Shusterman Book Review



This week I finally completed one of my goals and that is to complete the Unwind Dystology. If you never heard of the series this a series written by Neal Shusterman. What got me hooked to the series is the strong world building and the way it makes you feel when reading each of the books. The first book of the series is Unwind and takes place years after this war called the Heartland War has taken place. This is the a civil war in the US between the pro-life and the pro-choice people. During the war kids and teens are going crazy and parents are scared. Soon there was solution to deal with the feral teens and end the war….Unwinding. Years later, we meet the three main characters Risa, Connor and the tithe Lev who are sent to be unwinded. On the way they escape and are forced to work together to survive and to keep themselves whole. This thrilling book will get you hooked to the series from the beginner from the way it was written. As with most Neal Shusterman books, he knows how to grab your attention and carry you on for the ride without coming short. Another aspect that I liked throughout the series the questions asks you and the way your force to think. If you are into stories that make you think about the what ifs, this is one of those. The book is a mixture of Hunger Games, Divergent and most books that involve teens are to survive. If you are interested in the book click on the affiliate links below the picture of the book that says buy at amazon. Until my next book review keep on reading.


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