The Ravine by Robert Pascuzzi Book Review

The Ravine by Robert Pascuzzi

Forgiving someone can be difficult but can be a way of moving on when something bad has happen. Sometimes a malicious cannot be easy to forget. In The Ravine: A Novel of Evil, Hope, and the Afterlife, the story teaches us both the power of forgiveness and how to learn to have faith in ourselves and God. The story also covers the challenge of grief, unanswered questions of life changing events that can leave us questioning our beliefs.

The Ravine: A Novel of Evil, Hope, and the Afterlife is a book by Robert Pascuzzi. The book starts with a man named Tony who receives news of his brother Daniel who is missing. Tony also received a voice mail from his brother saying he is in trouble and is scared. This leads to tony calling his friend Tom to check it out. Tom soon finds a murder scene at Daniel. The house was quiet and bloody. Tom discovers the Daniel missing and his family has been murder. Danny is soon found died in a car that been run off a cliff. According to the investigation is that Danny has killed his family and committed suicide.After the murder, the focus of the story focuses on couple who is friends of the Daniel and his wife. The couple, Carolyn and Mitch and the rest of his friends struggle with the crime and idea of losing their friends to this unforgivable crime. Throughout the story Carolyn and Mitch struggle with grief, and how to keep their faith in God and each other.

In this story holds many themes and messages throughout the story. The story also teaches you about how sometimes people can do horrible crimes and can be done by those closest to you. But also teaches how powerful forgiveness can be but how it can set you free. When you don’t forgive anyone, you just keep yourself stuck and forever in the pain that would leave.The Ravine: A Novel of Evil, Hope, and the Afterlife
is powerful and fast past. I also was sucked in from the beginning and like the aspects of having a back story for the main characters but like the messages that book teach. I also learned a lot about the importance of faith.

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