The Magicians by Lev Grossman Book Review

When I first heard of The Magicians it was on TV. I saw the trailers and it was like “what is that?”. So, when I knew that it was based on a book and heard so much I knew that this must book a great book. Really was it? Well, after attending the Fall for Books Festival and seeing Lev Grossman(author) speak it convinced me that this was a must-read.

  • Title: The Magicians
  • Author: Lev Grossman
  • Year Published: 2009
  • Page Count: 402
  • Author Site: Here
  • Goodreads: Here
  • Buy Book: Amazon


The book is about a boy named Quentin who dreams of adventure and spends most of his time wishing to be in the same world that his favorite series takes place in…Fillory. Sadly, he is in Brooklyn and all he wants to do is leave his life. But how will he find happiness? Well, by taking an exam and getting into a college for Magicians. So, when Quentin gets enrolled at a college called Brakebills he must learn the world of Magic and that magical world takes him on an adventure he been waiting for.


I didn’t think I would enjoy the book as much as I did. The book draws its inspiration from Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia like the part of a magical school and the magical doorways that take you into another world. Other than that the book is its own story. I like how the book despite it being about magic it makes you feel like what a really magical college would be like if you went to one. I also like how the book question is what magic is, and the laws behind it.

For the characters, I like complex and unique the characters were and how the story is driving by it. I like Quentin is relatable it can be defined as the depressed kid that struggles with finding his place in the world. But somehow he is learning about who he is and must decide how he must live it. Alongside Quentin, the other characters get their chance to shine and stand. I like how even though there was a lot of characters they don’t get totally forgotten or underdeveloped.

As the writing style, I get a sense of a C.S. Lewis and Tolkien influence and I like how the author can describe the world and make it feel real without getting to carried away with the long history of the world. I think he is probably saving it for the other two books.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and how real the world in the book feels. I like who each detail was thought out. So, if you are interested in checking out the book I do have links below the post and top. And until next time keep on reading.


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