The History Major by Phillip Michael Cash Book Review

If you are someone looking for a book to read this quick and short but has a lot going on than The History Major: A Novella is for you. This is a great book to read during a read-a-thon but also great if you enjoy a great mystery. The History Major: A Novella is written by author Michael Phillip Cash. The book is about a college girl named Amanda who wakes with the worst hangover in her life. She also starting hearing and seeing voices and find out she had a roommate that she ever knew about. This leads to a weird day with strange things happening. She is being watched by an unknown person and is forced to take a class she didn’t sign up for. During her history class and meets a boy who has a secrets. Amanda finds out that the class was not a mistake and is in for a nightmare. She soon learns that in order to find the mystery behind her day is to look towards the past in history to solve the mysterious in her life as well. This is a the key before someone or something finds her.

The History Major: A Novella is very imaginative and very suspenseful. I was fascinated from how the author creates a crazy day with the main character Amanda and how he connects the past in history with her life. The book also covers the importance of why we must study the history and learn the mistakes from past to help to carry on the future. I actually this in one sitting as well because it was so interesting and fast pace as well. My only criticism is the lengthen the ending and show us the aftermath of the all the events. Whether she changed or go back to her old ways. Until my next review keep on reading.

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