The Circle by Dave Eggers Book Review

When I got my hands on The Circle I was happy to get to read this month. In fact, at the beginning of the year, I was looking for book-to-movie adaptations coming out this year. The Circle was one of them and I had a good feeling of it. I even liked the trailer and being a Tom Hanks fan I knew I wanted to read it. So finally I finished and I will tell you that the book left me with mixed feelings. So let’s get to the review, shall we?

  • Title: The Circle
  • Author: Dave Eggers
  • Year Published: 2014
  • Page Count: 497
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  • Goodreads: Here


For those that don’t know what The Circle is about, I will tell you. This book focuses on a young woman in her twenties who gets a job of a life time and goes to work to the most powerful tech company. This company which is called The Circle is a combination of Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and pretty much most well-known social media sites that continue to innovate. The main character Mae gets the job as a CE(Customer Experience) and must learn the ropes. She also learns about the value of being on social media and being part of a community. Later she learns the company takes sharing to the max and learns what it means to be under control of a tech company looks like.

My thoughts:

Like I said from the top I was left with mixed feelings. There were many things I liked about the book. For starters, I like the fact that Dave Eggers built this whole utopian world of a company that rules the world with their innovation, and ideas. But I also like how he built the company’s community. Another thing I enjoyed about the book was how it makes you think. It asks great questions like what happens if a tech company has way too much power. It also covers how much should we be in each other’s lives. Lastly, the idea of transparency within a company, people, and even those in power.

That said I do have my problems with the book. And this is mostly aimed at the characters. When comes to main character Mae I felt she was the most irritating character in the book. She starts off as a quiet, private shy girl without tech skills and gets hired to a tech company. But towards the end of the book, she becomes a self-absorbed person that cares more about gaining an audience and is ok with just being brain-washed. I also did not like the fact she never questions anything about the company and just blinding goes along with everything.

I also think the rest of the characters were really flat and felt one dimensional. I think this is due to the fact that everyone disappears a lot throughout the book and appears when you least expect it. The book also never explains anything except leaves me with questions.


Overall The Circle had its great points to it. And even though I am not a fan of the characters I don’t find the book horrible or dislike it. I found the book very fast paced and it held most of my attention and I liked how it made me think. I also like Dave Eggers built the world that was run by a powerful tech company and showed us what could happen. This was more of a book before a dystopia happens. So that is it for the review on The Circle. Let me know in the comments below on what you think about the book. And what are your thoughts on transparency in the company and do you think there is a point where we draw a line? Until next time keep on reading.


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