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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Did you ever have that thing or feel like going “Wow” at the end of a book? When a book holds your attention, emotion and takes you on a journey but when it ends its like over. Well when I read my first John Green book I felt like a mixture of emotions. The book I just finished reading was The Fault in Our Stars. This is a book that I heard about many times, and there is even a movie. This book was a on my must read list and so I ventured into this love story and found myself feeling many things but felt like I got different perspective on life.

The Fault in Our Starsis about a girl named Hazel who has cancer and goes to a support group. At the support group she meets the very attractive Augustus who quickly falls for her. During the book they become friends and soon find themselves on a journey of laughs, emotions, love and friendship. During the book they also surround themselves with poetry, a video game, and a very important book by an author that Hazel writes letters to. Augustus decides to give his “Wish” to Hazel and take her to Amsterdam to meet the famous author to help answer her question revolving her favorite a book. During this journey they find themselves embarking on a big adventure.

This book is witty, goofy but also beautiful. There were parts that made me laugh, smile, but also some parts that make me think or cry. Despite the book being a love story but I felt like this was one of the most realistic down earth stories that John Green has written and I can’t wait to watch the movie. If you are interested in checking out the book click on the links below and then read it yourself. Afterwards check out the movie and let me know what you think. Until next time keep on reading.

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