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The Social Media Network Book Tag

Hi guys, I back with another post. Today I take on a new tag video. Today I will be doing the Social Media Network Book Tag. If you are a fan of social media and love books keep reading. Along with the video, I will be bringing on my kitten who I got this weekend. Her name is Mechis the kitten. I found her at PetSmart and I knew that she was the cutest thing ever next to my other cat Gigi.


  1. Twitter: A book you want to share with the world
  2. Facebook: A book you really enjoyed that was recommended by someone else
  3. Tumblr: A book you read before booktube but haven’t raved much about on booktube
  4. Myspace: A book you don’t plan on re-reading
  5. Instagram: A book with a gorgeous, picture worthy cover
  6. Youtube: A book you wish would be made into a movie
  7. Skype: a book with characters that you wish you could talk to instead of just reading about

Pictures of Mechis