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June Favorites 2017

Hi, guys. It’s the beginning of July and we are at full summertime. Well, today I will be talking about some of my favorite books of June. I read a lot of great books this month but there are some that left me wanting more. Below is my list.

BOOK 1: Freya by Matthew Laurance

After reading both American Gods and Norse Mythology I wanted to read more books about Norse related stories so I picked Freya. Freya is the goddess Freya from Norse Myths. And in the book, Freya goes by Sara and goes on the lamb when a secret agency wants to use her to capture gods. On the run, she teams up with a boy named Nathan. Together discover secrets the agency is hiding and plot to find a way to take them down. I really enjoyed this book because of the combination of a badass female character, strong friendships and the mixture of myths from around the world. Check out the book at Amazon

Book 2: Your One Word by Evan Carmichael

The book Your one Word is written by one of my favorite Youtubers. Evan Carmichael is a well-known entrepreneur and wrote this about finding that one word that describes you, your brand, business and using that word to start your business. I love how inspiring this book is. The book not just takes about finding your word but also shares stories of famous well-known successful people and how they got to where they are. Check this book at Amazon

Book 3: #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

I wanted to pick #Girlboss after watching the new Netflix show Girlboss and wanted to know more about Sophia’s story and how to start a business. I think this book was really inspiring and was amazed at how Sophia started her business just from selling vintages clothes on eBay but then it leads to becoming a major business. I think proves anyone can do anything. Check out this book at Buy on Amazon

Book 4: The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

Lastly, my other favorite book that I read this month was The Black Witch. I totally think that this is the book of the summer in my opinion. The book is about a girl who is related to the amazing Carnissa Garner who helped save the Gardnerian Empire and is the powerful Black Witch. Sadly the girl whose named is Elloren is powerless and has to live underneath the shadow of her grandmother. During the book, Elloren and her brothers go to the Varpax University and school is known for its diversity and go to study apothecary. Sadly, arriving at this university she learns about how divided this school really is and must use her inner strength to survive. Check out the book at Buy on Amazon

That is it for this edition of favorites. If you enjoy learning about my favorite during each month let me know in the comments below. And until next time keep on reading.


Buy Books:
Freya by Matthew Laurence
Your One Word by Evan Carmichael
#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

Library Book Haul

One of the best places to find cheap books is by visiting your local library. Once of the month at my closet library, they have book sales. I go and enjoy the great deals. This week they had a buy five books for just $2 so I couldn’t pass it up. And then came back at the end of the week for “free day” and some of the leftovers. I can’t wait for the next book sale to arrive.

This I hit my local library to check out this month’s book. I got some great books for less than $2.

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TBR List for June

Hi guys! Here is Stephanie with another TBR list. This month I pick a few books that I plan on reading this month. I pick many books that either been on my list for a while or just discovered.

#GirlBoss by Sophie Amoruso

If you haven’t heard of the Netflix show Girlboss yet then you been missing out. The show is funny and enjoyable. This inspired me to pick up this book.

Lion by Saroo Breierley

I heard about this book from the Oscars. The movie version was nominated and I thought the trailers seemed interesting. I decided to check out the book before I see the movie.

Freya by Michael Laurence

I been really obsessed with Norse mythology after picking up American Gods this month. I wanted to read more on the subject and found this latest book focused on one of the gods Freya. Freya is the goddess of love, war, beauty, and death. This book takes a modern twist one it.

Your Own Word by Evan Carmichael

I recently discovered a new YouTube channel about Evan Carmichael who is an entrepreneur who created this inspiring channel. If you are looking to get start a business or looking to get inspired this is the book for you.

So that is all the books I will be reading this month. Until next time keep on reading.