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June Favorites 2017

Hi, guys. It’s the beginning of July and we are at full summertime. Well, today I will be talking about some of my favorite books of June. I read a lot of great books this month but there are some that left me wanting more. Below is my list.

BOOK 1: Freya by Matthew Laurance

After reading both American Gods and Norse Mythology I wanted to read more books about Norse related stories so I picked Freya. Freya is the goddess Freya from Norse Myths. And in the book, Freya goes by Sara and goes on the lamb when a secret agency wants to use her to capture gods. On the run, she teams up with a boy named Nathan. Together discover secrets the agency is hiding and plot to find a way to take them down. I really enjoyed this book because of the combination of a badass female character, strong friendships and the mixture of myths from around the world. Check out the book at Amazon

Book 2: Your One Word by Evan Carmichael

The book Your one Word is written by one of my favorite Youtubers. Evan Carmichael is a well-known entrepreneur and wrote this about finding that one word that describes you, your brand, business and using that word to start your business. I love how inspiring this book is. The book not just takes about finding your word but also shares stories of famous well-known successful people and how they got to where they are. Check this book at Amazon

Book 3: #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

I wanted to pick #Girlboss after watching the new Netflix show Girlboss and wanted to know more about Sophia’s story and how to start a business. I think this book was really inspiring and was amazed at how Sophia started her business just from selling vintages clothes on eBay but then it leads to becoming a major business. I think proves anyone can do anything. Check out this book at Buy on Amazon

Book 4: The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

Lastly, my other favorite book that I read this month was The Black Witch. I totally think that this is the book of the summer in my opinion. The book is about a girl who is related to the amazing Carnissa Garner who helped save the Gardnerian Empire and is the powerful Black Witch. Sadly the girl whose named is Elloren is powerless and has to live underneath the shadow of her grandmother. During the book, Elloren and her brothers go to the Varpax University and school is known for its diversity and go to study apothecary. Sadly, arriving at this university she learns about how divided this school really is and must use her inner strength to survive. Check out the book at Buy on Amazon

That is it for this edition of favorites. If you enjoy learning about my favorite during each month let me know in the comments below. And until next time keep on reading.


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Freya by Matthew Laurence
Your One Word by Evan Carmichael
#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

Top Books I Read Because of BookTube

Hi guys! Welcome back to Where Stephanie Reads. Booktube was one of the reasons I started Where Stephanie Reads. And a lot of the books I read was because I discovered on my favorite booktube channels. Most of the books were good and even became some of my all-time favorites. Booktube also changed the way I think about books and appreciate them more. So on this post, I decided to talk about my favorite books I read because of Booktube and talk about why I liked them and what channels I discovered them on.

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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This book was all over Booktube and after the trailer, for the drop, it was on TV as well. I heard so many great things about both The Fault in Our Stars and John Green. I wanted to know how great it was and finally, after seeing the trailer for the movie I decided to finally pick it up. Well, I loved it. The book was raw, real and taught many life lessons. Even if you aren’t into young adult contemporary or read love stories this is a book to read. I think anyone can appreciate this book and maybe shed a tear or curl up in a ball and cry your eyes out. And believe me I don’t usually read books that make me cry and this sure made me tear up. One of the reasons why I avoided love stories is because of the usually unrealistic instant stories that shoo me away. But this book should a real love story but also taught about life. So if you have read it yet or saw the movie I totally recommend it. The channels I discovered the book on where Abookutopia, CassJayTuck, JessetheReader.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

What pulled me in is my love of Hunger Games(Big fan) and the fact that I enjoy stories where characters had special abilities. I also am someone that never gets tired of dystopian books. No matter how hyped up it is. Another reason why I also picked it up was the cover. I loved the design and the simplistic of it. With just a crown with blood dripping from it told the story. I knew it would look great on my shelf. I read Red Queen and got the Hunger Games feel with goosebumps. It had tons of action, drama, strong female character and even some evil twisted villains. I discovered this book both on Abookutopia and Epic Reads.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This was one of the first books I discovered on booktube and enjoyed. I actually discovered on Little Book Owl‘s channel. I was really drawn to it book it had some amazing elements. I love historical fiction especially books that take place in World War 2. And the fact that The Book Thief is about someone stealing books it kind of was hard not to resist. The book was really well written and I fell in love with the character. I thought the main characters love of books and the beauty of them compelling. I also liked the friendship between Liesel and Max and how they formed a strong brother-sister bond. I also like how the book gave an importance on “words” and books as well.

Passengers by Alexandra Bracken

I actually heard about Alexandra Bracken but never read The Darkest Minds books. Passengers were discovered while watching my favorite booktube channels Abookuptopia. I immediately loved the book cover and after reading the book it becomes of my favorite books in 2016. And actually one of my all-time favorite books I read. I love books that have time-travel in it but I also liked reading about a character who was a musician. I myself am a musician and love music so this book was special to me. I also liked the bond between both Etta and Nicholas. If you haven’t heard of this book I totally recommend reading it if you love time-travel.

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

This is a book I discovered off of Abooktupia but also seen on Jessethereader‘s channels. This book has a ton of action, adventure, and strong female characters. Truthwitch of my favorites books because despite having a love interest it didn’t take over the whole book. I loved the strong bond between the two main female characters and how much there are always there for each other. Partners in crime and always having each other’s backs. I also enjoyed female characters that can kick ass and have special abilities. And top that off with a smashing follow-up with Windwitch as well.

Woman No.17 by Edan Lepucki

I picked Woman No.17 up after discovering it on Book Riot and the synopsis intrigued me. I don’t read a lot of contemporary books and must be really drawn to the book to pick it up. But I really liked the book cover and it seemed had a feeling it would be a great book. So far I am almost to the middle of the book and enjoying it. It surprises me that it’s not all over YouTube yet. That is another reason I wanted to read it and review it because it needs more booktubers to discover it. This book has two female characters who come from two different lives but find a connection in their friendship. Throughout the book, they learn more about each other and discover secrets along the way. I can’t wait to learn more as I get to the end.

So those are some of my top favorite books I read that I found on Booktube. So in the comments in below let me know what are you favorite books that you discovered on Booktube. Tell me what you think of them and let me know if you read any of the books I mentioned. Until next time keep on reading.


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My Top Favorite Books of the Winter

On this weeks post, I decided to look back this year so far and just think of what books I read. But I also wanted to mention what books were my favorites so far. This year so far had a really great start. Especially the releases didn’t leave me disappointed and I also recently discovered some new authors along the way. Below is some of the books I read that I enjoyed reading. Let me know in the comments below if you read any of them and what were your favorite books this year so far. This covers mostly the winter months between December to the middle of March.

BOOK 1: Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerhill

This is a book I just read and I think out of all books I read this year I had the most fun with. I loved it so much it may be one of my favorite books of all time now. The book has a mixture of adventure, mystery, a love story, and magic. To read the review I wrote on the book Click Here.

BOOK 2: Windwitch by Susan Dennard

I was really looking for this book ever since Truthwitch and loved it. It brought back my favorite strong female duo and the handsome prince Merrik. I also enjoyed that in this book it embraced the beauty of friend along with having characters that had special abilities. To read my full review on Windwitch Click Here.

Book 3: Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken

I actually enjoyed this book more than Passenger. But Passenger is still my favorite book from last year but this topped it. This book continued where I left off but focused more on the action instead of the romance. I also found myself laughing at some parts because of the funny lines. To read my full review on Wayfarer click here.

Book 4: Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn

This isn’t exactly a book that came out recently but I wanted to mention it because I enjoyed it so much. This book filled me with nostalgia from seeing my favorite Star Wars characters along with taking me on a ride through the galaxy.

Book 5: King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

This is the book that I been waiting for a while since the last book Glass Sword. I recently enjoyed this book. This book was intense and crazy. The book also had me in tears on some scenes because of the character Mare went through as a captive.

Top Books of 2016

Its that time again where I must look back at how fast the year went. 2016 was a year of great books, crazy politics and really cheap gas prices. But mostly great books to check out. This year I got to dive in to the world of Sarah J. Maas with A Court Thorns and Roses but also gave Richelle Mead a chance with the first book of the Vampire Academy. I read many great books but as well as not so great books which is mystery on their popularity. Lastly, I finally sat down and read a Harry Potter book for the first time. And I guess now I am an official bookworm. By the way I haven’t decided whether I am a Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. How do you know? Anyway on this post you will find a list of my favorite books of the year. Let me know in the comments below which are you favorite books of the year was.

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

I waited for this book to come out for a very long time and I was not disappointed to say the least. If you don’t know by now, I am a big Shadowhunter fan. In fact I love the world so much I might get a tattoo to look like Rune. This book brought back the Shadowhunters focusing on the character Emma and Julian who we met in the City of Heavenly Fire and alongside their siblings. The book also made me smile to see some of my favorite characters well. I also like the fact that I got to learn more about the fairy world and see supernatural creatures along with action and funny lines.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I picked this book and wasn’t sure if I would be into it or not. But the fact that the book had the element of time travel I wanted to give it ago. I really enjoyed this book and it took me to different time periods. The book also had enough romance for me to enjoy without taking over the whole story. I totally recommend picking it up before the second book comes out.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

After reading Red Queen I preordered the second book ahead of time and devoured it when I got it. It was so good. Lots of action, danger and plot twist. I liked learning more about the side characters and liked people with special abilities.

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

If I had to pick an award that fits this book is got to be the most beautiful cover of the year. I mean just look at it. Its drool worthy. On the side note the book was filled with some of my favorite elements…magic, people who have abilities and adventure. I also like the fact that the book was taken over by romance or love triangles. Well so far. Not sure what is in store in the second book.

The Last Girl by Joe Hart

This was a book I got for free as part of the Kindle First Read. I had to pick one of six books and this one spoke to me. And when I read the premise I knew it was something i should read. When I read I couldn’t stop or put it down because it was so good. I like who the book fills you with mystery and action at the same time has you at the edge of the seat. If you haven’t yet picked it up I totally recommend reading it.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Usually when I read the first book in the series it becomes the best book in the series. But when I read A Court of Mist and Fury I completely was blown away. It was way better than the book and let me wanting more of the series. I thought the book was well written and I like the way the author built a world of magic, mystery, and wished that I was a fae. I especially like the main character who was weak at first but than becomes a strong heroine.

Not Dead Yet by Phil Collins

In this memoir I was really excited to read this because I grew up listening to Phil Collins music. The book was intriguing and I couldn’t put down this book. This book also gave me an inside look at the musicians life and how far he come. I also learned about his ups and downs throughout his career and his personal life and hope it affects his music. This is a really great memoir to check out that will keep you feeling inspired write music or play the drums.