Still Well by Michael Phillip Cash Book Review

Still Well: A Haunting on Long Island book cover

What do you do when you are a realtor and must sell a haunted house? Well solve the mystery. In the suspenseful mystery Still Well: A Haunting on Long Island by Michael Phillip Cash, a man named Paul who recently lost his wife starts getting weird dreams of her and a hairy ape like monster. He thought it was imaginary. But things get weird when he agrees to help sell a house that is said to be haunted later learning that it has a connection when his deceased wife and long dead ancestor. This book is a creepy and hard to put down. In fact I couldn’t stop reading it until I found out house the story will end. If you are into haunted house stories this for you. If you are interested in a check it out click on affiliated links below and until my next book review keep on reading.

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