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  • How long does it take you to get through a review?
    • For reading a book can take a week or two. Depending on the size of the book and time. If an event happens that takes time away from my reading. I try to be down within a week.
  • Do you get your books for free or do you buy them?
    • I get new books as a gift, or sometimes splurge on a occasion but honestly I don’t have the money to spend on books all the time so most of my reading material are from the library or if I see a book for free on Amazon/Kobo or if a author emails me a copy.
  • Are you going to do a book shelf tour of your bookshelf?
    Perhaps but I actually only have one small bookshelf its not really much of a library but if you want a photo I will upload it.
  • How long have you been blogging?
    • Not long. I have had many blogs but were short lived. Where Stephanie Reads has been active since January. I plan on going on for a very long time.
  • Do you make a lot of money blogging?
    • Not even with affiliate. Blogging is not a get rich scheme. If you interested in make real money from blogging I be happy to list some resources where you can learn the ropes. I am no expert.
  • Is reading all you do with your time?
    • No, I actually do other stuff every day other than reading. The only time I will spend a whole entire day reading is during read-a-thons or just when I have the time. But not everyday.
  • Did you design this your blog?
    • Nope I used a template but then I customized it a little. I did design the header and my logo. I am working on a new design for my blog soon.
  • What is web hosting you use?
    • I use Free Hostia and it’s a really great service that does let you download WordPress software to it. Very affordable as well.
  • If I have issues with the blog where do I go?
  • Can I post you stuff on my website?
    • Depending on the circumstances. I prefer if you ask permission but contacting my email(not in the comments) first but I must prefer to keep my content unique to my site. I am open to guest posting or writing articles. But I prefer my reviews stay on my site.
  • Can I can help start to the blog, I need help?
    I am flattered you want my help just drop me a message in my email box and we will talk. I am happy to get you started.
  • Can I guest post or join your blog?
    Sure I could use some new fresh content.If you are looking to write for Where Stephanie Reads just send me an email or find me on social media and we will talk. I also have a page that talks about writing. Just note that this isn’t a paid gig if you are looking to get paid and I also don’t give free books. This isn’t Bookplex.

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