NaNoWriMo Day 1 and Day 2

I am probably late to announce this but this month I will participate in the 2017 Nanowrimo this year. I was really excited and just thrilled to be doing it this year. For years I had this idea in my head that I felt like needs to be a novel. And trust me I am one of those people who kept putting off writing a novel and had some unlucky attempts. But this year I know I wanted to be a part of it and ever since I joined Booktube I been willing to take on new challenges without fear.

During the last week of October, I took the time to prepare for the Nanowrimo. I know I should’ve started with Preptober at the beginning of the month especially for a fantasy novel but I been super busy with going to festivals and my ever-growing list of review requests. But, either way, I decided to start preparing for it regardless and when the day comes I will keep going either way. Ready or not I hear I come.

On the first day of the Nanowrimo, I jumped up from my sleep and rushed to get ready for the day. I even got my notes, my laptop, and a very comfy chair to sit on. “I am ready,” I said. And then was ready. Though sadly, I forgot to stock up on treats at least I got Halloween candy. Not my personal preferences but I made due with what I got. Note to self-prepare the snack prior to Nanowrimo.

For my first day of progress, I got so much done. In fact, I wrote more than what I thought I could. I thought I was going to struggle and not make it more than 1,000 words but I exceeded my own expectations and wrote more than 4,000 words the first day. I am feeling like proud of myself and feel like I had a great start for the Nanowrimo.

On the second day of the Nanowrimo, I was even more psyched to get to my laptop. Can say that Google Docs is awesome? I love it because it’s browser-based and I can use it on any computer. And it’s cloud based so you know easily accessed. That said, I decided to take my writing to the library and work there for a few hours. There I got a few chapters in until my laptop’s battery started dying on me and I got extremely hungry so I decided to go back home. There I was worked and drank tons of coffee. Colombian Coffee, please? By the end of that day I wrote about three new chapters and now I am feeling that this novel is doable.

So, are you enjoying the Nanowrimo so far? Well, if you are participating in it let me know how you are doing? Let know what kind of novel you’re writing? And until my next update keep on reading.

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