The House of the Last Man on Earth by Robert B. Marcus Jr.

One scary thought, what would happen if you fell asleep and then walked out the door one day to find nothing but grassy fields. Your use to see your usual suburban or city neighborhood but now there is just a field, mountains. Apparently you find your house in the middle of nowhere without civilization. Later you found out that the human race is extinct. Well, for the book I read covers this problem. I introduce the House of the Last Man On Earth by Robert B.Marcus Jr. This is a book that combines aliens, mystery, and time travel with some science involved. This of course a science fiction book.

The book is about a man named Richard who wakes up on a Wednesday and ends up with the most unluckiest day ever. The day looks like this he wakes up late, misses a exam to a class to a teacher he is crushing on, gets dumped by his girlfriend during lunch, ends up broke and gets his bike stolen. On top of all that the worst thing is having a neighbor with crazy monster trying to kill him. This is the worst day of his life.

During this story, Richard who is supposed to watching his landlady’s dog Khan runs into his neighbor’s bathroom and than Richard follows him. Somehow on the other end of his bathroom is a portal that transports Richard into the future where he founds out that humans will be extinct and learns that there is a alien war going on and Earth is the battleground. Richard soon found out that it’s up to him to save the human race and save Earth from aliens and destruction.

House of the Last Man On Earth starts out with a man named Richard who is the guy who does everything wrong, the one who is seem like a slacker. Always stuck in college and never excelling at his career. Someone who spends his time dreaming of his teacher and sticking around to be in the school’s band. Throughout the story along with the help of his friends he becomes a more gutsy smart guy who can overcome the challenges. Richard is easy to relate to anyone who is stuck in their life and not sure where to go. He also can be anyone who longs to prove themselves and the world that they can do anything as long as they believe in themselves and try. Sometimes you must bite the bullet to reach the other edge.

At first the story made me feel unsure on how the story is going to go. At first I thought the character was going to be a wuss that complains a lot and everyone is going to do the work. But I was wrong, Richard started out as a underachiever who had horrible day but then over the story overcome his fears, fought the evil villain and then got the girl of his dreams.

One of my favorite things from the House of the Last Man On Earth is the humor part of it. Instead a serious science fiction with fears of the end of the world. But no, its fun and goofy with interesting characters but combines the special essence of time travel and aliens. To be honest what got me to pick up the book was the interesting and fresh plot and synopsis of the book. Usually it’s a love at first sight with the cover(which didn’t) but this time was different. If you haven’t heard of The House of the Last Man on Earth than I would definitely give it a try. Below you will find the links or you can click on the picture above and then it will take you to the store. Until my next book review, keep on read!


House of the Last Man On Earth

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