Higher Ground: Zero Hour by T.M. Carpenter Book Review

Higher Ground: Zero Hour by T.M. Carpenter

I always liked feeling prepared. I also been the one that want to come up with ways to be ready for the unexpected. In fact for years I been telling my mom that she should learn to stock up on groceries or first aid in case the power goes out, economy goes bad or god knows what. Its helps you feel better that in any situation you are ready. Well, with all the preparations you can’t always predict the unexpected. In this book review I will be talking about book to revolves around this idea. The book I will be discussing is Higher Ground: Zero Hour by T.M. Carpenter.

The book Higher Ground: Zero Hour, it starts out the thoughts going crazy inside the head of Kent. Kent is a 50 something man who lives in Colorado with his beautiful wife Mandy and his two children, Maverick and Journey. During the beginning Kent is the process of preparing for two years and his family as well. Kent is aware that something is going to happen. A catastrophe and in order to protect his family is to leave town. This family knew about the events that will take place like disease, wars, chaos and everything natural that could happen and will be on that frightful day.

Throughout the story Kent and his family are packed and ready and set out to go to his cabin which is the safe haven. Kent also meets other people along the way and get involved in many dangers and setbacks that threaten their journey to safety. Other characters in the story like his friends must try to reach the cabin as well in this disaster book. Will the everyone make to the cabin before hell breaks lose?

This is the first disaster like book I read so far and i like it. It reminds me of The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, and Independence Day. The book is fast pace and has many twists and turns. Along with some funny moments in between. Some of my favorite parts was the way the characters were prepared years in advance for the event. This reminds me more reasons why stocking up and being ready for anything is worthwhile. You never know what the future may bring. On the other hand there was some parts that bother me was the part when we get into the character’s head. There was instances where characters would go off about theories, conspiracies and reasons that could caused the disasters. If you are interested in checking out the book click on the links below or the picture on the right which will directs you to Amazon. Until my next review keep on reading!


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