Casimir Bridge Darren Beyer Book Review

  • Title: Casimer Bridge
  • Author: Darren Beyer
  • Year Published 2016
  • Page Count 368
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If you are in the mood for a space adventure try picking up Casimir Bridge by Darren D. Beyer. This is a story with space galactic action, mystery, and science. This book was created by author name and this is the first volume in the series. The story revolves around a woman named Mandi who is a reporter who learns about a juicy story that could lead to answers to the mystery surround tragic incident revolving space ships. Soon she finds herself in an adventure after being saved the dashing Grae from her kidnappers. In this adventure, Mandi also gets a ride to space alongside the famous crew alongside the Dauntless ship.

The cover I really like. I am a picky person that can be guilty of judging a book by its cover. The cover for the book was colorful and shows an act of movement. It actually made want to read it and get started right away. I also liked the type treatment and could see it’s a science fiction novel.

For Casimir Bridge itself, I will be honest it has its downs and ups. For the things I liked about the book is that it has an interesting mystery, and the book held me interested to the end. I also felt the creation of the world was well-developed. My other favorite things are that despite have a love interest, the author didn’t rush through it and the romance in the book. I think if there is romance in a series than the author should take their time.
On the downside. The book did have a slow start and many other slow areas where I did dose off. I also felt like there were many things that happened in the book where answers weren’t explained in the book. I also don’t feel like the characters didn’t have much development in the story and were kind of flat throughout. The author didn’t give us enough backstory or show us what the characters were about enough for me to care what happens to them. There was a lot of parts that felt random as well.

The book has a mixture of science fiction, mystery, and action. If you are in the mood to take your summer to the next level with a space trip adventure that this is a book. Until my next book keep on reading.


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