Becoming George Washington by Stephen Yoch

Dear Readers

I think its time a for a great book review as a way to end a really great week. Hopefully everyone is having a great week as well. Nothing like the Christmas season to bring a smile to your face. Sitting down drinking an apple cider. Well this week I had the chance to read a great historical fiction book based on the early days of George Washington’s life. The book is written by Stephen Yoch. This is part of a biography but with a fictional twist. I always been fascinated with America History and if you are someone that is looking to read more about history this a great book to read.

Becoming George Washington tells the early days of George Washington before the Revolutionary War. He is world is painting with colors throughout book is many characters that help him or throw challenges in his path. The book takes place from the begins of George Washington’s career as a surveyor to the military paths he took to get to the top. The book also covers a secret relationship is a mysterious woman. This is a great book because despite being a book about his life it’s not a straight up biography but a book based on his life. The also has a mix of funny lighthearted parts but also action. The book gave me insight on how the French and Indian War began and how its was from George Washington’s point of view and his struggles with dealing with the government. This is a great book to make you want to explore Virginia to learn about his past. I will admit to wanting to watch documentaries about his world and read more. If you are interested in checking out his book click on the affiliate links below and until my next book review keep on reading.


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