French Revolution: A History from Beginning to End by Henry Freeman Book Review

French Revolution: A History From Beginning to End by Henry Freeman

Dive into the world of the French Revolution with the book French Revolution: A History From Beginning to End by Henry Freeman. This is a book that explain the history and the even leading to the French Revolution. If you are a history buff and someone that is looking to learn about it this is a great book. When I read it I was actually interested in learning especially after Les Miserables(the manga version). And finding a great history is challenge because sometimes they can be very slow or overly wordy. But this books is not too long or dry and held my attention. I learned about the beginnings and how the government back then, unfair treatment, the divided in society and the power of people leading the revolt. This is a great book to read now since there are so many books on revolutions and if you looking to get into the know how I saw this is a great addition. If you are interested in reading more the link to the book is below and until my next book review keep on reading.

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