Save an Angel’s Kiss for Me by Joanie Chevalier

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I recently read a really touching Christmas story that combines with sadness, grief, and forgiveness. But what this book really covers was also what’s it like to have a family member that struggles with a mental illness and how it can affect the family. The book is called Save an Angel’s Kiss for Meby Joanie Chevalier. This is a great book to check out for anyone looking for a Christmas story to read for the holidays.

The book, Save an Angel’s Kiss for Me
is about a girl who is celebrating Christmas with her father at his family house. Her mother refuses to go because she doesn’t like her father’s family at all. During the day before the mother forces the father and daughter return home. One the way home the father gives the Mar a gift which is an angel ornament. After that an accident takes the life of the father.After the accident Mar is forced to deal with grief and live with her mother who suffers from an mental illness. The mother suffers from both OCD and a Bipolar Disorder which creates a rift in the relationship with her daughter.

After a terrible fight and two attempts, Mar gets fed up and runs away to visit her father’s grave site. During that time she sees her aunt and go to the grave. There she discovers the things she missed since the accident, and learns to look closer at her mother and sees she is not what she seems.

This story is precious and something everyone should read. The bond between a daughter and father being ripped apart by a fatal accident. The difficulties of dealing with a loved one suffers from a mental illness. There parts of the story that made me smile but there was times than made me feel sad. I really like the story and if you wish to read it yourself click on the referral link below. Until my next book review keep on reading.


Buy Save an Angel’s Kiss for Me
on Amazon

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